One-Stop Hub for Binance VIPs
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One-Stop Hub for Binance VIPs

Discover our premium Binance VIP & Institutional services

Your VIP Journey Starts Here

Built by Binance Institutional, the VIP Portal is your exclusive destination for all things VIP, including customized dashboards, data analytics, VIP-only services, and customized reports.

The VIP Portal is accessible to all current Binance VIPs, and is available upon request to Binance users who meet the asset and trading volume requirements.

Explore VIP Portal

Customized Dashboard

See your personalized trading and investment highlights, as well as fee information, trading statistics, VIP-only updates, and Binance news. Participate in special spot surveys to help us improve.

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Data & Analytics

Access advanced data analytics with one click. Explore flow analytics for a basket of futures contracts, DeFi index dispersions, and market liquidity in three dimensions (cost to trade, bid/ask spread, and order book depth).

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Exclusive Services

Enjoy exclusive services available only in the VIP Portal, such as additional rate limits, IP whitelisting, and margin borrowing and sub-account limit adjustments. Request customized reports for audit purpose.

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Report Center

Get reports on your trading history, transfers, order reports, profit and loss, and much more. Retrieve data for multiple sub-accounts, or automate your reporting with scheduled downloads.

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