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FAQ - Perguntas Frequentes
Binance COIN-Margined Futures Contract Specifications

Binance COIN-Margined Futures Contract Specifications

2020-06-11 07:38
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COIN-margined contracts are collateralized and settled in cryptocurrency. Instead of using stablecoins as collateral, you can use cryptocurrencies, such as BTC and ETH, as margin assets for your Futures positions.
COIN-margined contracts have the following characteristics:
  • Collateral and settlement in cryptocurrency: Contracts are collateralized and settled in cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, BNB, and many more.
  • Expiration: Perpetual, Quarterly, and Bi-Quarterly.
  • Contract multiplier: Contract multiplier represents the value of a contract. For example, the contract multiplier for BTC COIN-margined contracts is 100 USD. Meanwhile, altcoin contracts usually have a multiplier of 10 USD, although this may vary for specific symbols.
  • Funding rate: This only applies to perpetual contracts. Every eight hours (this time period may change based on market conditions), funding rates are paid either to traders who are long or those who are short, based on differences with the spot price.
For the complete contract specifications of COIN-Margined Futures contracts, please refer to: