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Why My NGN Deposit Didn't Arrive and How to Get My Funds Back

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Why didn’t my NGN deposit arrive?
Your NGN deposit may be missing due to various reasons. For example, bank providers or the Fiat channel may encounter network downtime and need time to update the status of transactions.
To locate your money, it’s important to send the Binance support team your session ID (30 digits), detailed bank account information, and other information we need to get the refund as soon as possible;
How can I get my funds back?
For a more detailed process, please follow the steps below to contact the Binance support team:
If your NGN deposit doesn’t arrive at your account within 24h, please provide your Order ID, submit a google form to inform us of your condition, and raise a Customer Service ticket.
Step 1: Submit a google form and inform the Binance Support team.
Based on your payment method, please fill in the corresponding form. You may identify the method by Order ID.
How to find the Order ID?
You can find it under [Wallet] - [Transaction History] - [Cash]
a) Transaction ID starts with “FC” or “FW”, like the example below:
Please go to the page here:
b) If the Order ID number is initiated with “KP”, then please fill in the form attached:
Please go to the page here:
Step2: Please submit ticket request, Support Ticket
  1. Select issue type: “Buy Crypto with Fiat Money”
  2. Please use the format “NGN deposit missing/Order ID ###” in the subject section. Please let us know that you have submitted the Google form in the description column.
Once the Support Team receives your request, Binance will assist you with getting your refund. It may take several days (especially during peak time). Please wait patiently and ensure your information has been submitted as required. Thank You!
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