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Liquid Swap
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How to Use Liquid Swap

2020-09-04 02:38
1. Log in to your Binance.com and click [Finance] - [Liquid Swap] to enter Binance Liquid Swap.
2. Click [Swap] to enter the trading page.
3. Choose the token you want to sell and enter the quantity.
4. Choose the desired token to swap (buy) and the system will automatically calculate the amount. Confirm the quantity.
5. The system will also calculate the Price, Fee, and Slippage for the swap. You can refresh the page to obtain the latest price.
Price: The estimated price of the swap. Please note that this is not the final price that the swap is executed. You will see the final price after confirming the order.
Fee: The trade transaction fee collected by liquidity providers.
Slippage: The estimated percentage that the ultimate executed price of the swap deviates from the current price due to the trading amount.
6. Confirm and click [Swap] to place your order.
7. You will see a confirmation after the swap is successfully completed. You can click [View Swap History] to review the order, or click [Back to Swap] to place more orders.
1. When the price of a token fluctuates drastically in the market, the shareholders of the token pair pool (liquidity providers) may not be able to enjoy the same value gains. Therefore, adding liquidity is not a risk-free operation, it is not a way of capital preservation.
2. At 00:00 (UTC+0) each day, the interest-bearing principal is calculated by this formula: “the current token-pool asset - the amount added in yesterday + the amount removed yesterday”. The flexible savings interest rate of the token-pool from the previous day will also be included in the calculation. If a token does not have a corresponding flexible savings product, it does not generate a flexible savings income.
3. After adding your assets to a certain token pair pool to obtain pool shares (adding a single token will incur corresponding fees), they can be redeemed from the same token pair pool through pool shares. You can redeem two tokens at the same time proportionally, or you can select one token to redeem. When redeeming a token, since you need to trade another token in the pair pool as the token you choose to redeem, a transaction fee will incur, which will be deducted from the amount you can get.
4. Transaction slippage will be adjusted in real-time according to market conditions, and the price displayed on the page may not be the final transaction slippage price. If the price slippage is too large and exceeds the warning value, the system will automatically terminate the transaction.
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