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Games You Will Enjoy Playing in the Binance Smart Chain


Playing Blockchain Games has become popular in the Philippines. Fortunately, the Binance Smart Chain has many great games where you can not only have fun but also earn simultaneously.  Make sure to consider these games so you can have fun and earn money as you play!

How the Binance Smart Chain Works

The Binance Smart Chain or BSC is a blockchain that is running parallel to the Binance Chain. It is not the same as the Binance Chain, as it boasts smart contract functionality and compatibility. It has a design goal that aims to enable the high throughput of the Binance Chain to be intact as smart contracts get introduced in its ecosystem. These two blockchains essentially operate with one another. It is worth noting that the BSC is not a second layer of solution in scalability or off-chain, as this independent blockchain can run even if the Binance Chain becomes offline. For this reason, these two chains highly resemble each other when the design is involved.

Since BSC is EVM compatible, it was launched with the support of the rich universe of Ethereum and DApps' tools. As per the theory, developers can easily port their projects over from Ethereum. For users, configuring applications like MetaMask, so it can work with BSC can be accessible.

Is Binance Smart Chain Decentralized?

The dual-chain structure of the Binance Smart Chain aims to make users empowered to build their decentralized apps and digital assets on one blockchain. With this, anyone can take advantage of the exchange’s quick trading. The Binance Smart Chain has the aim to improve the flexibility from the standpoint of programmability. Because of this new blockchain, it aims to change things with an environment that is fully-fledged to develop high-performing decentralized applications. It is built to become cross-chain compatible with the Binance Smart Chain, so it can allow the users to get the best of both worlds.

Can Binance Smart Chain be hacked?

In terms of safety, there are various answers to this. The security of the ecosystem, blockchain, the nodes, including the security of the code are essential elements to this. The BSC ecosystem has so many parts and participants, and each of them has a different set of threats. These are the code, validators, hardware, algorithm, their hardware, projects created on BSC, as well as the individuals that are using it.

Since the BSC blockchain is decentralized, it runs on an open-source code that third parties and the public can access for audits. As an open-source code, it can be possible for anyone with enough technical knowledge to review the code line by line, so they can assess any possible weaknesses and threats. Since the PoSA algorithm has been built with around 21 elected violators, it can prevent any individual violator from having too much control over the network that it would eventually turn rogue.Even if this happens, the BSC network as well as the algorithm where it operates is really safe

Despite that, the BSC network, including the algorithm where it operates, is definitely really safe. BSC has a track record that is clean of hacks or incidents, which is why there are apparently no attack vectors or known vulnerabilities that the blockchain can abuse. The bounty program has rigorously incentivized projects and security teams to test all the elements of BSC's security regularly to make sure that every issue gets resolved at once.


The Defense strategy game RobotWars is built on the Binance Smart Chain platform. Here, players can get their robots through the opening of Rubics. The robot will use WARFARE to fight the Destroyers and get the $WAR token for humanity’s defense. It has a Marketplace system that allows for the trade and purchase of upgrades, robot swaps, and weapons. The paradigm Play-to-Earn is what RobotWars employs to generate WAR through games and use future features to boost the value of the user NFTs. You can freely exchange NFTs for WAR tokens available on the market and subsequently trade them on exchanges or have them converted into fiat currency.

Right now, the player can start earning through these methods:

  • Merge NFTs to get more robust ROBOTs

  • Collect highly ranked Robot Warriors that you can buy and sell at the Marketplace to get $WAR

  • Gather Elements to increase the Robot Warriors’ power and eventually get more payout for every defense

  • Protect the Earth against the invasions of Destroyers by using the NFTs of the Robot Warrior to earn $WAR


The Diversified 3D virtual space of SecondLive is where you can become a virtual avatar and expect to do many things similar to what you do in real life. You get to do this in different spaces like shopping, handling a business, dancing and singing, and virtual exhibitions. You may also use the SecondLive Avatar to create your content and earn profit from what you made.

SecondLive has a process that involves four main modules. Here, users can use the Avatar Editor to design their character and set it as their avatar in the Metaverse.

It has multiple virtual spaces. Once you create virtual characters, you can transfer them to more areas like games, the lobby, shopping center, workshop, and concerts.

In the SecondLive Marketplace, anyone who has a third-party digital asset can have assets traded through the market of SecondLive.

My DeFi Pet

The virtual pet game that combines your personality, collectibles, and DeFi is My Defi Pet. My DeFi Pet operates on a Supported Network that includes KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain. It has the main currency in-game called the DPET token used for improving, trading, and exchanging. The Pets possess unique qualities, mainly in the initial phase.


The gaming metaverse backed by the blockchain and NFT is Binamon. Here, users can have fun collecting digital monsters and enjoy using them in battle royales. Unlike the usual collectible card games that leverage the Ethereum blockchain, Binamons reside in the Binance Smart Chain.

X World Games

The decentralized ecosystem in gaming built on Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain is X World Games. Here, creators and players can obtain the XWG (X World Games) Tokens through various innovative games. On the platform, the first game launched was Dream Card that got its inspiration from Pokémon TCG. Dream cards are collectible, digital characters built on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchain. You can work on trading them using XWG tokens to cultivate new characters with exciting features. These can have various degrees of cuteness, trading values, and powerful attributes in combat.

Step Hero

The ecosystem of Step Hero provides an ideal blend of DeFi and NFT gaming that allows users to have fun as they earn money. Its ecosystem has a role-playing fantasy-themed game with the HERO token, NFT collectibles, a cross-chained marketplace of NFTs, and appealing gameplay. Aside from that, Step Hero is offering a support group that people can access through social networks.

Step Hero was created by an enthusiastic young team that generally works on blockchain, particularly with cryptocurrency. These are game enthusiasts who want to work on reproducing the iconic characters from their childhood games to real-life that aligns with the technological trend of 4.0. The team of Step Hero extensively spent time researching every character to develop a unique NFT product in an RPG game and Marketplace of high liquidity. As the outcome of working positively, the team aims to make Step Hero the best NFT game available on the market.

Block Creatures

The new Play 2 Earn NFT game that @wizard_devv developed on the Binance Smart Chain is Block Creature. The game centers around collecting creatures and training them, so people can earn their in-game reward token called $MOOLAH. Every character and game item can be tradable ERC721 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.

Hero Battle

HeroBattle is a beautiful game in role-playing that has so many ways that people can play. The critical part of this is that you can earn profit by completing tasks in-game, so you can get tokens through the game. In HeroBattle, you can compete against the other players, so you can win betting rewards. Aside from the game’s Play-to-Earn, the project contributes to the building of the Binance Smart Chain’s ecosystem in the future. In the project’s later stages, they are planning to have the ecosystem expanded.


The play-to-earn platform, AlinX.io, was built by incorporating the NFT into the games of the BSC ecosystem. In this game, players find so many games with different genres to get entertained in their spare time. Aside from that, they earn additional income as they get to own NFTs of high value. Aside from the feature of NFT Farming with Heroes Training, players can earn passive income from the NFTs owned by players without the need to sell them.


Rune got inspired by history’s best ARPGs which are Chrono Trigger and Diablo 2. Runes are small stones with magical glyphs inscribed on them. Since March 2021, 33 different runes have been distributed to players for two years. Players can collect Runes in play, so they can earn from the game. They do this through boss battles, airdrops, buying from the market, raiding yield farms, competing with the other players, and so much more. Every rune gets built to the last to expand the universe with new games, unique collectibles, and storylines that can allow your heroes to become stronger.


The hybrid NFT gaming platform Binamars combines yield farming and RPG mechanics. It has a platform that integrates farm applications for decentralized yield and NFT games. Binamars is a hybrid NFT gaming platform that combines RPG mechanics with yield farming. This NFT game has a basis on a mission that revolves around the collection of dragon eggs that need to be hatched on Mars using the Binamars element. With this, every dragon would need 15 days so it can grow into an adult dragon. As you farm, it produces the token BMARS. When the dragon becomes fully developed, the players would have to get it outside the farm to fight and defeat invaders who claim their goods. The platform Binamars integrates decentralized yield farm applications and NFT games. With Binamars, you will be entertained and earn so much profit.


The Binance Smart Chain recently launched the card collection game called DeHero. It is a GameFi application focused on DeFi and NFT that the world-famous blockchain game publishing platform called MixMarvel has published. In DeHero, card games are integrated with NFT transactions, and DeFi functions as financial logic are injected into the game. In 2019, the Staking Game concept was proposed by MixMarvel, and here, NFT has a base price. This concept’s latest practice is DeHero that MixMarvel community members conducted.

In DeHero, they published NFT cards according to the BEP-721 protocol. The pricing mechanism that DeHero has created allows tokens to work on assigning NFT prices. When every NFT card is minted, it will lock the number of Fungible tokens corresponding to it into the card. Because of that, compared to other digital collectibles like artwork NFTs and blinNFTs. The NFT cards are native assets in blockchain that use FTs as their base value to ensure that the NFT assets have a stable value. Players can have their digital asset rights protected further. Through this, the NFTs that have basic prices can get linked better with DeFi. They could even turn into new assets of high quality for NFTEX, mortgage lending based on NFTs, and other protocols of DeFi.

For the core gameplay of DeHero, it is a game, NFT, and DeFi at the same time. Here, players can randomly obtain the heroes’ NFT cards by staking FT assets, giving liquidity, and buying blind box card packs of NFTs. There are six levels of quality for every hero that ranks from low to high: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold. Having a higher rate means that you have better combat capacity. The contained number of tokens, combat capacity, card number, and quality will determine the NFT card’s value. Once players obtain NFT cards, they can do the following:

  • Receive additional game revenue.

  • Improve efficiency in mining.

  • Formulate strategies in mining following the rules of the game.

  • Become a participant in card mining.


DungeonSwap is the Binance Smart Chain’s first Defi-RPG game. If you stake now, you can earn the DND token and become ready for an adventure in the dungeon. The game has a fully functional staking pool and Defi yield farm that can allow you to earn the token DND. Since they are in full force when it comes to developing a tabletop-RPG-style web game experience using NFTs, they will help you gain so much more and have fun at the same time!

Foxy Equilibrium

The BSC network’s experimental NFT Game called FoxyNFT or BEP721 is where players can go and interact with NFTs, give them food or look for dying NFTs that they can kill to get experience rewards. By killing FNFTs, the killer will be rewarded with 50% Exp from the FNFT they recently killed, which will then be given to the FNFT they desire. FNFT comes with four sub-rarity intelligence and four Legendary intelligence types, Common, Epic, and Rare. Sub Rarity and Intelligence can affect the HP and FNFT Reward. The ATK Genius Legendary FNFTs give the most rewards. 


The first decentralization TCG Dapp NFT-GODS is with the culture of global gods. It combines playing methods that include hitting the lists of public communities, master and apprentice systems, liquidity provider mining, strategic athletics, card recomposition, NFT card mining, and drawing of blind-box cards. With these, you can bring out immersive NFT gaming experiences that have high playability and rich content.

The only token available in the ecosystem of NFT-GODS is LG. It has a total sum of 20 million tokens produced from LP liquidity mining, card mining, and others. Aside from using this to participate in LP mining and buying cards, getting to hold LG tokens can also provide you with an added interest in the spin-off platform of the NFT-Gods app.

Kurai Metaverse

The leading 2D Social Multichain MetaVerse known as Kurai MetaVerse allows users to interact with Smart Contracts and NFTs. It is similar to Facebook, with NFTs as your character. In this project, Polygon, ETH, and the BSC network are integrated. Here, you can have NFTs similar to crypto punks that you can use as your character in the game. The Kurai MetaVerse can connect with any EVM chain to connect with any NFT and smart contract.

Because of this technology, there are endless possibilities that this MetaVerse has. It includes your favorite yield farm that you can integrate with KURAI to interact with it while you play and have fun with your friends.

Art of War

The bridge to the world of the Lunar Land is the $AOW token. In this world, they build kingdoms with the use of different tokens. Here, they form trade roads, build new castles that include both enemies and allies. You can choose the character you want and get a title to enter Lunar Land’s wonderful world. Your NFT character will not be just an object in a game, but an NFT based on the BSC. Because of that, it will not be just available in the game as it you will also see it in your wallet.


The comprehensive platform NFTBOX supports the gaming, issuance, trading, and display of NFT assets. As of the moment, they support the presentation and distribution of NFT assets that come in the box. The first NFT asset that they support is the issued Onmyoji. The fair launched DeFi Token of the NFTBOX Protocol is community-driven. In every trade, three simple functions occur. These are redistribution to the holders, Burn, and Reflection.

Profit Circus S3 BSC

In Profit Circus S3 BSC, users can put their pCWS at stake, so they can earn Crowns that are freshly minted proportionate to the amount that they staked for a period of more than 1 month. Players playing for their first time will get rewarded with a free NFT that they can stake for Crowns in the Seascape Network's other mini-games. High rollers can expect getting amazing rewards when they have great APY. Profit Circus is included as one of three of Seascape's DeFi mini-games that goes along with NFT Brawl and Staking Saloon. Here, players can have their NFTs and Crowns at stake to get big rewards.

Start Playing the Top Games in the Binance Smart Chain NOW!

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