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Easy Steps to Buy Dogecoin on Binance


This year, Dogecoin has increased by more than 10,000%. Because of that, if you invested $100 in DOGECOIN at the beginning of the year, it will now have a price that is more than $10,000. Even if a lot of exchanges have not listed DOGECOIN yet, you can work on securely trading it on Binance.

Steps to Invest in DOGECOIN on Binance:

  1. Choose P2P Trading and Purchase BTC according to the amount of DOGECOIN that you want to get.

  2. Have the amount entered and work on transferring the cash to the Seller. When the seller confirms receiving the BTC, it will get released to your USDT P2P wallet

  3. Work on transferring the USDT to your SPOT Wallet.

  4. Choose Markets and look for the DOGEUSDT then choose it.

  5. Select Buy and enter the price you want to buy DOGE and enter the amount that you would want to spend.

  6. Select the option BUY DOGE

Your order may immediately execute or not depending on the price that you set. In case it doesn't make sure to have the DOGE price adjusted so it will be equal to the existing market price.

Begin using Binance: The Best Way to Trade DOGE NOW!

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, it would be best to get into Binance. The Binance platform has the most users and highest trading volume. It has a peer-to-peer platform that can allow anyone to be efficient in trading cryptocurrency, that their earnings would significantly skyrocket. Go and use Binance to trade cryptocurrency as this platform provides many excellent financial services such as Spot Trading, Binance Futures, Margin Trading, and Lending. To make your passive income significantly increase, get into Binance savings. Whenever you want your earnings to grow a lot, get involved in Binance Staking. There are so many great features that Binance provides. Included here are the APY rates ideal for any investor as they can allow you to redeem your coins with a 1.4% 7-Dat APY. It can also be possible for you to have your cryptocurrency stored in a cold or hot wallet. You may also use the Binance Earn platform, so you won't have to pay for the transaction fees whenever you transfer your crypto assets. Begin using Binance in trading cryptocurrency as it can make your coin's value substantially increase. Download Binance from Google Play or the Apple App Store and start your trading journey.