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How to Trade Spot on the Binance Website


Go to the Binance website. At the upper right corner of the page, tap on [Login] so you can log in to your account in Binance.

On the homepage, tap on any cryptocurrency and directly go to the corresponding page in spot trading.

Here is how your trading interface would appear:

  1. Binance Announcement

  2. The trading volume of trading pairs within 24 hours

  3. Sell order book

  4. Buy order book

  5. Market Depth and Candlesticks

  6. Trade Type: Isolated Margin/Cross Margin/Spot

  7. Order Type: Stop-limit/Limit/OCO(One-Cancels-the-Other)/Market

  8. Buy Cryptocurrency

  9. Sell Cryptocurrency

  10.  Markets and Other Trading Pairs.

  11.  Recently completed transactions

  12.  Market Activity: High volatility/activity in the trading market

  13.  Orders are open

  14.  Your 24-hour order history

  15.  Binance Customer Support

As an example, you can try to buy BNB. Tap on [Trade] at the top of the Binance homepage. Then, select from [Advanced] or [Classic]. Go to the page buy BNB and then have the amount and price entered for your order. After that, complete the transaction by pressing [Buy BNB].

If you want to sell BNB, you may have the same steps followed:

  • Limit Order is the default type of order. However, whenever you want to place an order immediately, you can have it switched to the [Market] Order. With the use of Market Orders, investors are capable of directly trading at the current market price.

  • The BTC/BNB may have a market price that is 0.002. You may want to have it purchased at a specific price like 0.001, have an Order [Limit] placed. If the market price gets to your order price, they will have your order executed.

  • You can use the percentage number underneath the BNB Amount box to indicate the amount of BTC that you want to purchase with BNB. Have the amount entered, and then buy the cryptocurrency.

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