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How Some Players turned Axie Infinity into their living


Do you earn money while you play? Here are real stories from Filipino players who were blessed to play and earn as the world goes through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was able to add an unwanted page to people's lives. Many people were jobless, the stock market has crashed, and so many businesses closed down. Along the way were a lot of news that has not been good.

If you want to survive the pandemic, it is crucial to have an income source. That is where the Play-to-Earn mechanics of Axie Infinity comes in. It had a vital role for a lot of Filipino players.

How to get started

Go to their official website and download their app. To play the game, you must have three Axies so you can create a team. As of the moment, the cheapest Axie is priced at around $184.73. However, not all of the affordable Axies may be good in fighting. We recommend that you focus on having a great team synergy by comparing the cards and stats of the Axies.

For a lot of people, the requirement of buying 3 Axies may be a significant barrier. However, it is fortunate that scholarship programs are available to get you onboard the game without buying Axies.

Once you become a part of the program, you will enjoy many benefits like profit sharing, mentor training, and a lot more. It would depend on the terms in the agreement.

You can find the scholarship channel on the official Discord server of Axie Infinity. Give your luck a try, as someone may have slots available.

Aside from that, you may also work on managing your account in Axie Infinity using a Trust Wallet.

Earn while you play with Axie Infinity!

People can earn while they play. It can be possible with Axie Infinity. They have the in-game item that they call the Small Love Potion or SLP. You can earn these whenever you go through the PvP arena, PvE adventure, and daily quests. Currently, the SLPs are priced at $0.178, and they are sold in secondary markets like Binance and other exchanges.

There are also rewards that Axie gives away to players who have managed to climb the arena's ranks. Right now, the season has prizes amounting to approximately $6,000 that the Aave team is sponsoring. In the past seasons, the rewards were given by the Kyber Network team (KNC), Digix (DGX), MakerDAO (DAI). Because of all these, the game is quite attractive to Filipino players as it allowed them to earn way beyond the country's existing minimum wage. It is also great to know that many people have considered this to make money and have food on their plates. John and Kael are two of these players. Before the pandemic, Kael had a simple food business at the San Francisco Village in Muzon, Taytay, Rizal. Because of the pandemic and its terrible effects, he needed to close it down and lose three months of profit, leaving only a minimum budget.

Since it was not a great option to be lazy, he became determined to search for a way to generate an income source.

Kael was able to go through a Facebook post about Axie Infinity. He wanted to give it a try and bought $73 worth of Axies in the official marketplace even if he was not aware of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the first place.

After several weeks, he got his initial capital back, bought food for his family, and paid the bills. As he played the game, he also gained new friends and allowed his profits to become maximized through breeding Axies and selling out his SLP.

The Story of John from Cabanatuan

John was another player from the Cabanatuan City of Nueva Ecija. He graduated from a course in Business Administration. However, it had been difficult for him to look for a job because of the pandemic. As he stayed at home and talked to his relative, he was introduced to the Axies game and opted to save money so he can purchase Axies.

In the following days, he realized that it might take some time to have a decent team. Because of that, he joined Kookoo's scholarship program. Since he began playing in the first week of October, he has provided his family with financial support, which is especially vital now that his mom has given birth.

Axie Scholarships

Aside from John's story, Axie also has scholarship programs. There was Kookoo and Axie Angel, who lives in Cebu. He manages a group of scholars. Ever since he began playing last August and helped his fellow community members, he had the role of an Axie Angel. Right now, he is guiding five personal scholars. He has also onboarded around eight users for the YGG or Yield Guild Games. He started to get into the program to have more SLPs for his hobby to breed without having to buy or do it on his own. He also wanted to give other people opportunities to earn and play for free.

Since he is an Axie Angel at heart, he made a YouTube channel with the main reason to save him and new players time by creating videos that can guide them.

The videos were appreciated by the local community as there is not enough content that used the Filipino language to teach the mechanics. Kookoo's videos have helped a lot of people.

Because of the community's response, he wants to create more content on blockchain and crypto so he can generally educate the people and increase their awareness on possible scams that others may attempt to do to anyone. 

Ways you can cash out.

Now, where can you cash out your cryptos? You can use Binance to support cash in and out transactions, bills payment, and transfers to other users.

Initially, people expected that most of the users would have their earnings cashed to fiat. For this reason, they spent a lot of time allowing the cash-out process to become smooth.

Yet, most of the volume came from players who converted their fiat to crypto to fund their teams in Axie. These people expect to generate a total trading volume of around $208.1 thousand or 10 million PHP.

On the side, since some customers buy ETH, players are doing so much more than just playing the blockchain games. The people's interest in crypto will continuously expand, especially if the prices go upward. It is expected that Axie players would eventually consider cryptocurrencies' other aspects once they get more familiar with the industry and the ecosystem at large.

Where will they go next?

Because of all these insights and stories, Axie Infinity will continue to expand. They have a strong, established community in Discord. There are also very few rude players that are often common in online gaming. The community members assist one another on the kind of Axies they can use, the strategies they need to follow, and a lot more. Because of this solid foundation, the revolution of play-to-earn will continuously be successful in the long term.

When it comes to statistics, the number one country is the Philippines. Filipinos have often been quick when it comes to spreading the news. People in the Philippines have been proactive in creating digital communities to establish communication with people who feel interested in the same things as us.

Since the game may still be in the Alpha stage, so many more features may come. There are various game modes released, such as the land gameplay. The number of players will continuously grow, especially the ones from the Philippines.

Axie Infinity has provided a revolution for play-to-earn that can change people's lives. Because of that, it can increase people's attention to blockchain games that may likely be appealing to the mainstream audience. Because of that, even if mass adoption may not be set in stone, we will see so many innovations when it comes to these fantastic digital pets.

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