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Binance Smart Chain's Top NFT Projects


NFT has been around for a long time already, but Filipinos have discovered its very special use case in the gaming industry. A lot of people may already know that the play-to-earn model has gained a lot of Filipino patrons due to the popular game, Axie infinity. Axie, though, is just one of the many games available for everyone to play. 

The BSC has a growing number of NFT projects that you can check out. Since the blockchain has great speed and minimal transaction fees, many users and developers, especially in the Philippines, have been attracted to it. With the Binance Smart Chain, Battle Pets, PancakeSwap, and BakerySwap have been allowed to go beyond the limits in the capabilities of their NFTs. Decentralized Finance has the combined collectibles known as BattlePets and BakerySwap that can have their tokens at stake. PancakeSwap was able to hold experiments on the NFTs' financial utility, gamification, and merge collectibility.

Now that the people have gone beyond CryptoKitties, Filipinos can have their projects done in the Binance Smart Chain, where they can leverage great performance and lower fees as they use NFTs to create amazing innovations.


Nowadays, there are a lot of available NFTs that people may be able to trade or buy anytime. Filipinos can now get the collectible creatures of Axie Infinity or have the artistic world's CryptoPunks. A lot of the activity involved in this has occurred on Ethereum. However, right now, there have been thousands of users and projects that eventually transferred to the Binance Smart Chain as it performs excellently with minimal fees. When it comes to gaming, NFT exchanges, and Finance, there are so many projects that are available in the Binance Smart Chain. These can break entirely new ground on the things that NFTs can do. Let us check out the best Decentralized Applications or DApps available in every area and see why these NFT projects have been successfully doing great on the Binance Smart Chain.

Why will the Gaming NFT known as Battle Pets be enjoyable for Filipinos?

One of the classic use cases of NFTs is that they can be combined with gaming. Because of Axie Infinity, the use of crypto in gaming allowed more and more Filipinos to adopt NFTs. With Arsenal’s Battle Pets, the Binance Smart Chain enabled Filipinos to use furry NFT creatures to do more than just trading or fighting in battles. With these Battle Pets by Arsenal, Filipinos would have a great time taking care of NFT pets which are just like the Pokémon that they could also trade with other Filipinos. The game Pokémon has been highly successful in the Philippines as so many fans are still playing their games, watching their shows, and collecting their characters for more than four decades. Because of this formula implemented by Battle Pets that has been tried and tested by gaming and finance in the Philippines, it is included in the added elements that any Filipino would definitely enjoy.

Once you begin to get into the mechanics of the Battle, the Battle Pets can work to break the mold. Involved in Siege and Tournament is your NFT pet's direct staking, so you can attain rewards in FRUIT farming with FRUIT as one of the native cryptocurrencies. You can also work on forging weapons, so you can attain staking power and get financial benefits aside from the simple improvement of the statistics of your game. 

Because of the many NFT marketplaces similar to BakerySwap, Filipinos can easily have pets or sell their forged weapons. With this, the available NFTs have great diversity, allowing anyone to redeem their NFTs for a specific number of tokens. Despite that, you may have to work on getting the item destroyed in the process.

How can Financial NFTs like PancakeSwap be interesting for Filipinos?

Partly due to the clever implementation of NFTs, the DeFi platforms available on the Binance Smart Chain are highly successful. Now driving the NFT sales are NFTs with a financial twist, aside from the advantage of creativity and pure collectibility.

Because of PancakeSwap, it was able to create a collection line of NFT characters that are included in the really lovable DeFi projects of BSC that come with a rabbit. Here, each rabbit has a CAKE value. It is the project's native token that you can redeem. Similar to any tradable asset, it can be possible for collectors to speculate on the value of NFTs as the price of CAKE fluctuates. It is quite similar to the concept of playing lotto or lottery that has been part of the Filipino culture since the time of our grandparents. Here, people bet a small amount, hoping to win millions. 

Similar to what we talked about earlier, BSC collectibles could mature into something that can give Filipino investors more than their artistic value. Every time you become a part of the PancakeSwap lottery, you can get the NFT ticket BEP-721. Filipinos can have the cake used, so they can buy lottery tickets that would eventually be a part of the pool that has the prize fund. There are four numbers in each NFT ticket that must match the draw in the correct order. Some price funds will get burned, and the rest will get divided across the winners. Because of this, NFTs are not solely mere collectibles, as Filipinos can also earn from them.

Can Collectible NFTs like BakerySwap also be great for Filipinos?

Since NFT marketplaces have been existing for a while, Filipinos can work on trading their crypto-collectibles and art. Once they store their NFTs in a wallet compatible with it, such as the Trust Wallet, it can be easy for Filipinos to set the price and wait for the buyers to arrive.

Even if a lot of exchanges may be user-friendly, they may not be doing that much when it comes to creating exciting developments in NFT. However, because of BakerySwap, things are done differently.

As people would expect, the usual collection in the marketplace of DApp includes a lot of art and furry crypto monsters. These NFTs come with a value that would depend on their possible use and collectibility. You can have a powerful monster sold for a higher price compared to a weak one. You may also demand a higher price for an art that is rare.

After doing a carefully sufficient review of the NFT categories in BakerySwap, you will discover that they offer NFTs that are quite interesting. These tokens can give so much more than just the sole rights to a JPEG image or a song.

Aside from that, with BakerySwap, anyone can make NFT Bakery Combos: yummy NFTs based on snacks. These are not simple collectible items because people can also use them as tools that can assist in farming BAKE that is the platform's native token. Attached to it is a cute photo, but their real value comes from the financial advantages that they are capable of providing.

Staking power is what each NFT combo can provide that you can stake so you can earn BAKE tokens. In staking, every combo has randomized amounts of energy. Because of that, the NFT market is selling more than just paintings. With these collectible NFTs, Filipinos can earn so much more.

Why should Filipinos choose Binance Smart Chain for NFTs?

The Binance Smart Chain is great for Filipinos because there are now many projects that can create, trade, and use NFTs compared to Ethereum. Aside from that, because of the minimal transaction fees and scalability of the BSC network, it can be a great alternative to any existing blockchain. With the BSC network, it can be easy for the developers to port their DApps on Ethereum as BSC is greatly compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

From the perspective of Filipinos, it can be highly affordable to buy and sells NFTs using BSC. Unlike the BSC, transactions made on Ethereum have really high fees, which is why small investors and collectors consider trading NFTs on Ethereum too expensive.

Closing Thoughts

Since so many innovations and developments are created on non-fungible tokens and smart contracts, especially on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchain, NFTs now have a lot more to offer to Filipinos other than simple digital art or ownership rights used by so many applications.

Because of the Binance Smart Chain, the ecosystem of NFTs has expanded rapidly, a lot of projects have continued to take it to their advantage because of its speed and affordability. It would be best if Filipinos make sure that they always review what the Binance Smart Chain is offering, especially if they are interested in becoming a part of the new wave of NFTs or want to work on trading their collectibles.

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