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A Player of Axie Infinity buys two homes in the Philippines using his in-game profits


One of the players of Axie Infinity from the Philippines was able to buy a couple of homes using the profit that he earned by playing Axie Infinity, the play-to-earn crypto-powered game.

Early last May, John Aaron Ramos, a 22-year-old who plays with the "Magnus TV" pseudonym, announced on social media that he bought a couple of homes in the Philippines using the profits that he earned while he played Axie Infinity.

In his post, John was able to attribute his purchases to the surging increase in the price of Axie Infinity's in-game token called the SLP or Smooth Love Potion. It was able to rally a 940% increase from $0.035 last April 24 to a value that is slightly higher than $0.364 this May 2. There have been slight decreases since then that it is now valued at around $0.172905.

Many individuals believe that AXIE has the ability to lift people up. Those who hold an SLP and pay attention to the AXIE Community trend, and did their research were able to play with the SLP's price. There are now those who became blessed to have sufficient funds to buy a team and a couple of homes. 

People who play Axie Infinity are able to earn SLP by going through the PCP battle area of the game. Here, players are battling their Axies. These Axies are creatures inspired by Pokemon and are bred in the game to represent non-fungible tokens.

Right now, SLP ranks as the 428th-biggest crypto asset in terms of capitalization as it had $81 million and drives trade of an excess of $45 million in a day.

Aside from SLP, Axie players can also have the opportunity to earn AXS, which is the governance token of the game. There have been meteoric gains with the AXS token as it increased by 5,114% from a low of $0.14 to a high of $7.30 when it started trading for six months.

Ramos was able to become a part of a sponsorship program. This program is encouraging sponsors to have SLP donated to Axie players who are based in countries wherein the costs associated to set up a game in Axie Infinity may become too prohibitive for a lot of users.

By the end of 2020, Axie Infinity has reportedly become famous in the Philippines because people have sought alternative ways to earn money as they lost their job because of the pandemic.

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