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How to Transfer Assets from Fixed Savings to Flexible Savings?

2019-12-16 07:50
After you have subscribed to Binance Fixed Savings, you can choose to transfer parts or all of the funds from Fixed Savings to Flexible Savings for early redemption to enhance your asset’s liquidity (the minimum transferable amount is 1 lot; given that Flexible Savings supports the asset).
1. Click [Wallet] - [Earn] - [Locked] to see all your locked assets.
2. Click [Transfer] next to the asset you wish to redeem. Enter the amount to transfer to Flexible Savings.
3. If you are using the Binance App, you can access it by clicking [Wallets] - [Earn].
Click on the asset to see your current locked asset balance. Click [Transfer to Flexible] and enter the amount you wish to transfer.
Note that after you’ve confirmed the transfer:
  • The assets transferred to Flexible Savings will not receive interest in Fixed Savings anymore.
  • Your assets will be transferred to your Flexible Savings account and can be redeemed immediately.
  • Interests for your assets in Flexible Savings will start calculating from the next day and will be distributed to your account starting from the third day.
a. January 1, 2021: you subscribed 10,000 USDT to Fixed Savings;
b. January 5, 2021: you need the funds for trading and want to transfer 5,000 USDT to Flexible Savings. The funds are transferred to your Flexible Savings account on the same day and can be redeemed immediately.
c. January 6, 2021: the 5,000 USDT in Flexible Savings begins to generate interest.
d. January 7, 2021: you start to receive interest from the 5,000 USDT in your Flexible Savings account.
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