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TRX Competition Has Now Concluded

2017-12-27 08:29

Fellow Binancians,


The TRX Competition has now concluded. Congratulations to all the winners!

All TRX bounties have been distributed to the winners’ accounts. You will be able to check the distribution record in User Center>Distribution History.

Congratulations to  zh**@**.com for winning a 2018 Maserati 3.0T Levante Classic

Congratulations to  ch**@**.com for winning a Mercedes-Benz Smart Fortwo 52kW (71hp) Petrol Engine

We will distribute all TRX prizes before 2018/01/08. For the winner of the Mercedes Benz, please send your Name + Binance Account + Address + Phone number to help@binance.com before 2018/01/08.

Please check the attachment below for exact distribution details.

Link: Binance & TRON Bring You a Merry Christmas! Maserati + Mercedes-Benz Giveaway!

Thanks for your support and Happy New Year!

Binance Team


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