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What is Binance P2P “T+1” Withdrawal Limit?
2019-12-06 11:32
When a user deposits cryptocurrency on the Binance platform using TWD, EUR, and CNY, they will have to wait for 24 hours after the transaction is complete before they can withdraw their crypto assets to an external address. Users' on-site transfers, trading, and other operations won't be affected during this time.
Point 1: All cryptocurrencies will be converted to an equivalent amount of BTC.
Example: If the user originally has 2,000 USDT in their account (supposing this is equal to 0.2 BTC) and they deposit 1 BTC through P2P, then the actual amount of assets under control is "equivalent to 1 BTC":
Within the 24 hour period, the user can actually withdraw the 2,000 USDT (1 BTC remains in the account) or they can withdraw 0.2 BTC (0.8 BTC + 2,000 USDT remains in the account, which is equivalent to 1 BTC in our example). Either way, the amount of assets remaining in the account has to be equivalent to 1 BTC.
Point 2: The T+1 withdrawal amount is equal to your net P2P purchase amount (buy - sell).
Example: Originally, the user had no crypto assets in their account. At 08:00 on August 18, the user bought 1 BTC through P2P. At 12:00 on August 18, the user sold 0.5 BTC through P2P.
When the user goes to make a withdrawal 18:00 on August 18, the total amount of frozen assets is 1 - 0.5 = 0.5 BTC.
This is because the net value of assets purchased during that 24 hour period before withdrawal is 0.5 BTC.
Point 3: Starting October 16, 2020, TWD/BNB, BUSD or CNY/BNB, BUSD deposits made via P2P using BEP20 (BSC chain) mainnet are not subject to the T+1 withdrawal limit. However, EUR/BNB and EUR/BUSD are still subject to the T+1 withdrawal limit.
What are the advantages of T+1?
Provides a 24-hour buffer against potential loss of user assets due to illegal funding.
Discourages the use of dirty money on the platform to the greatest extent possible.
Reduces the risk of bank account freezes and ensures secure trading.
관련 기사
A guide to preventing Bank Accounts from being frozen in P2P transactions