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🚀🚀 BSW/USDT FREE SIGNAL 🚀🚀 Our buying price was $0.099 Price reached to $0.112 ✅️ 1st Target chased ✅️ 11% instant Profit 💰 $BSW #TrendingTopic #Write2Earn


Our buying price was $0.099

Price reached to $0.112

✅️ 1st Target chased

✅️ 11% instant Profit 💰


#TrendingTopic #Write2Earn

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Buy few bsw/usdt coin between $0.09 - $0.102

Current price $0.099

Selling Targets

$0.109 - $0.120 - $0.144+

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Signal type ... Short Term

⛔️ Stop Loss ... $0.082
#Write2Earn #TrendingTopic #AmanSaiCommUNITY
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Shiba Inu's Skyrockets 3,436% in 24 Hours🤯💥📈 Click To Get Free Reward Here 💰 Shiba Inu's blockchain platform, Shibarium, has seen a significant increase in activity, with the number of new accounts rising by 3,436% in just 24 hours. Data from Shibariumscan shows that new accounts on the network jumped from 30 to 1,031 overnight, indicating a substantial rise in user engagement. This increase follows concerns about Shibarium's declining activity and attention. The rapid change within a single day has altered this narrative. In addition to the rise in new accounts, the transaction volume on the Shibarium network also increased, growing from 4,751 to 8,527 transactions. This represents an 80% increase in transaction activity over the same period. At the same time, if we judge by the figure of active accounts for the period in question, it grew by 1,243 accounts per day, which means that all transaction activity on Shibarium was provided by new users. What is behind such an anomalous surge in blockchain activity from Shiba Inu? It is an open question but is probably based on the momentum of the price of SHIB - a popular meme-inspired cryptocurrency - which has been rising by almost 5% since the opening of a new daily candle on its chart. Usually, activity on the network is a precursor to the price movements of related tokens, but apparently in the case of Shiba Inu we are now seeing the opposite story. This spike in user engagement and transaction volume could indicate a new phase of growth for Shibarium. The coming days will be important in determining whether this increase represents a sustainable trend or a temporary anomaly. #altcoins #BinanceLaunchpool
Shiba Inu Price Can Reach $0.0001 ATH?🤯💥📈 Click To Collect USDT here 💰 Despite a solid year in 2024, the Shiba Inu price has yet to break $0.00008, its all-time high. This has raised questions about whether the meme coin can reach $0.0001. A crypto specialist has predicted a 300% increase in the Shiba Inu price to a new all-time high. Shiba Inu Could Reach $0.0001 Shib Knight, a Shiba Inu community member, gave an analysis that encouraged investors. Support for Shiba Inu appears to be formed at $0.000025. The meme coin's price may rise from here. The crypto analyst targets SHIB above $0.0001. The meme cryptocurrency missed this 2021 bull market price target. Instead stalling at $0.00008 and falling 90% in the bear market. Shiba Inu appears to have gained enough momentum to retire again. Shib Knight predicts a 350% price increase to reclaim this level. This prognosis is more intriguing than that. Crypto investors are interested in the crypto analyst's prediction. The analyst predicts a Shiba Inu price above $0.0001 in June. Shiba Inu has maintained value despite falling prices. Last day, Bitcoin fell below $69,000 again, dragging down the market. This has caused double-digit losses for many cryptocurrencies in the recent week, but not all. Meme coins like BONK and PEPE have lost around 22.5% and 14.6%, respectively. Also, FLOKI and Dogwifhat have lost almost 10%. Shiba Inu has one of the lowest loss rates among meme coins, behind Dogecoin. Dogecoin has plummeted 5.3% and Shiba Inu has fallen 6.2%. This makes the top mee coins the most market crash-resistant. #altcoins #StartInvestingInCrypto
BNB Bulls on the Rise: Will $750 Resistance Be Achieved? Click to get USDT here 💰 BNB’s potential breakthrough at $750 represents a significant milestone, indicating an upward trend in its valuation. Technical indicators, including the EMA 50-day and RSI, suggest a bullish sentiment and favorable outlook for BNB’s price. The sustainability of BNB’s upward trajectory hinges on the continuation of bullish momentum. Should bullish momentum persist, BNB is primed to challenge its resistance level of $750. This potential breakthrough signifies a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency, indicating a possible upward trend in its valuation. Following a bullish streak in its initial months, BNB entered a consolidation phase, trading within the range of $660 to $750. This period was marked by notable fluctuations, highlighting the inherent volatility of the altcoin market. A closer examination of BNB’s price analysis reveals intriguing insights. Technical indicators, such as the EMA 50-day, consistently provide support to the coin’s price chart, fostering a bullish sentiment in the 1D timeframe. Concurrently, the RSI demonstrates a notable uptick, reflecting increased buying pressure within the crypto sphere. These metrics, coupled with a steady rise in averages, suggest a favorable outlook for BNB’s valuation in the foreseeable future. The pivotal question for investors revolves around the sustainability of BNB’s upward trajectory. Should the bullish momentum continue, the token is positioned to not only test but potentially surpass its resistance level of $750. Such a feat could pave the way for a retest of its all-time high (ATH) of $800. However, amidst the backdrop of market unpredictability, there exists the looming possibility of a bearish reversal. In such a scenario, BNB may encounter downward pressure, potentially retracing towards its crucial support level of $600 in the weeks ahead. #altcoins
Top 3 Cryptocurrencies Under $0.5 Recommended🤯💥📈 Click To Collect BNB 😞 1. Oasis Network $ROSE Dedication: $500 Current Price: $0.11 per token Quantity: Approximately 4,545 Rose tokens Potential: Oasis network is a decentralized Blockchain Network Built by Oasis labs that Secures And private data-sharing control. The ROSE token is the native utility token of the Oasis ecosystem and is used for staking and delegation in the network consensus, as well as paying network transection fees. 2. Dodo $DODO Dedication: $300 Current Price: $0.22 per token Quantity: Approximately 1,363 DODO tokens Potential: DODO is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform known for its innovative trading algorithms and liquidity management solutions. As decentralized finance (DeFi) continues to evolve, DODO's efficient trading mechanisms could attract more users and drive its price higher. 3. JasmyCoin $JASMY Dedication: $200 Current Price: $0.03 per token Quantity: Approximately 6,666 JASMY tokens 🚀 Potential: JASMY aims to revolutionize the digital content industry by providing a decentralized platform for content creators and consumers. With its low price and promising use case, JASMY presents an opportunity for significant growth as it gains traction in the market. This diversified portfolio of under $0.5 tokens offers exposure to various sectors of the cryptocurrency market, from decentralized finance to content creation, and holds potential for substantial returns as these projects continue to develop and gain adoption. #altcoins #BinanceLaunchpool #MicroStrategy #BTC
Bullish signal is on, Top 3 Altcoins that can bring Big Profits🤯💥📈 Click To Collect USDT here 💰 1. Altcoins To Buy Pepe ($PEPE ) Pepe (#PEPE ), an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, ranks 25th with a $4.17 billion market value. PEPE is CoinMarketCap’s top meme currency after rising 1040% in a year to $0.00001442. PEPE price has increased significantly by 17% over the past two weeks, further solidifying its place as a significant participant in the alternative cryptocurrency market. Its price has also gained 64% over the past month, establishing it as an excellent alternative cryptocurrency investment. PEPE is a solid prospect for investors who want to benefit from the altcoin season during the 2024 bull run, as this bullish breakthrough sets the cryptocurrency in a favorable position. This growth tendency has also had a beneficial effect on other meme currencies, such as BONK, WIF, FLOKI, DOGE, and SHIB, which reflects a wider impact on the meme coin market as a whole. 2. Litecoin (#LTC ) Litecoin ($LTC ) seeks to enable rapid, secure, and cost-effective payments by leveraging blockchain’s unique characteristics. However, Litecoin’s price has recently fluctuated significantly as a result of external market pressures and global political uncertainty. The price of Litecoin is $82.25, down 1% over the past 24 hours. It ranks 19th on CoinMarketCap, with a market capitalization of $6.13 billion. 3. ($FET ) (#FET ), an artificial intelligence (AI) lab building open, is transforming the blockchain scene with its cutting-edge machine-learning network. This platform focuses on decentralizing and optimizing internet transactions to improve user experiences. The rise of has piqued the curiosity of investors, particularly those interested in AI-powered projects. As a result, is making artificial intelligence technology more accessible. #altcoins
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