According to Foresight News, a sniper has successfully purchased the $RCH token by paying a high tip of 72.24 ETH, equivalent to approximately $275,500. This strategic move has resulted in a significant profit for the sniper.

The sniper managed to buy 7,420,000 $RCH tokens, which is about 29.7% of the total supply of the token, by paying a tip of 72.24 ETH. The total cost of this purchase operation was 392.24 ETH, approximately $1.5 million. Subsequently, the sniper sold these tokens for 719.4 ETH, approximately $2.74 million. After deducting the initial cost, the sniper realized a net profit of 327.16 ETH, approximately $1.25 million.

This incident highlights the potential profitability of strategic token purchases in the cryptocurrency market. However, it also underscores the high risks involved, as such strategies require significant upfront investment and a deep understanding of market dynamics.