$IO Started Bearish trend now..and will soon hit 1.87 value soon. Go and take short trades over it and make your profit.

$IO /USDT is currently trading at $2.027, reflecting a slight decrease of 2.64% recently. The 24-hour high and low are $2.227 and $2.025, respectively, with trading volumes of 15.67 million IO tokens and 33.07 million USDT.

Investors looking for long positions might consider entry around the support level of $2.025, targeting a potential rise towards the recent high of $2.227.

Conversely, for short-term trades, entry near resistance at $2.227 could be considered, aiming for a pullback towards support levels around $2.025.

Monitoring price action across various time frames is essential to assess momentum and confirm trade decisions amidst market volatility.

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