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Binance FZE Receives a VASP Licence from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority


Main Takeaways

  • Following the earlier issuance of an MVP license in July 2023, Binance FZE has received a VASP license from Dubai’s regulatory authorities. This achievement marks a significant milestone for Binance’s mission of nurturing the future of digital assets.

  • With the VASP license, Binance can extend its product offerings in the UAE not only to qualified and institutional investors but also to the retail market. This includes access to a wider range of digital asset services such as spot trading, lending and borrowing, and staking.

  • Qualified users will get access to margin and derivatives products such as futures and options trading. The acquisition of the VASP license underscores Binance’s commitment to innovation in the global financial landscape while ensuring transparency, regulatory compliance, and open access to the benefits of blockchain technology.

We are proud to announce that Binance FZE, our Dubai subsidiary, has received a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). Following the initial issuance of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) license in July 2023, this marks a significant milestone for Binance and the global virtual asset landscape. 

The transition from an MVP to a VASP license allows Binance FZE to extend its product offerings to the retail market alongside qualified and institutional investors. Individual customers can now access a broad range of digital asset products and services, including spot trading, margin trading, and staking – the widest array of regulated virtual asset services available not only in the UAE but also in the entire world.

Illuminating New Possibilities

Upon initiating operations under the new VASP license, Binance FZE will significantly increase its current offerings beyond spot trading and fiat services. Rather than simply expand the token selection, users can look forward to a greater variety of exchange services. This landmark global license paves the way for all UAE customers to utilize a regulated platform for a full spectrum of virtual asset products and services.

As Binance FZE General Manager Alex Chehade says, “This is a major milestone that validates our commitment to providing secure, compliant, and top-tier services to our users globally. It underlines Dubai’s position as a forward-thinking city, acknowledging and embracing the financial potential that blockchain technology brings.”

Diversified Offerings

For users seeking passive income opportunities, Binance FZE will offer tailored services specifically for this purpose, such as Simple Earn. Enhancing the scope of investment strategies available, it will also introduce new options through its lending and borrowing services, including virtual asset loans. Additionally, management and investment services will enable users to leverage features such as ETH staking, BNB Vault, and Launchpool to amplify the earning potential of their digital assets.

Emphasizing diverse trading services, the license will allow qualified and institutional investors to engage in margin and derivatives services, including futures and options. Currently, these offerings are restricted to those that meet the investor criteria.

As Richard Teng, Binance’s CEO, says, “The acquisition of the distinguished VASP license doesn’t merely underline but conclusively proves our steadfast commitment to revolutionizing the future of finance. Our attainment of this milestone stands as a solid affirmation of our continued drive for transparency, regulatory compliance, and responsible growth in the ever-expanding digital asset sphere. It’s a thrilling prospect to extend further access to the transformative economic benefits of blockchain technology to our users in the UAE.”

Committed to Growth

The acquisition of the VASP license for Binance FZE is more than just a noteworthy achievement; it's a testament to our unwavering pursuit of financial innovation, compliance, and global reach. Backed by this prestigious license, we stand poised to transform the digital asset landscape in Dubai and beyond, opening access to a broad, diversified range of virtual asset products and services. 

With a firm commitment to growing our reach while ensuring user security and regulatory compliance, we are excited to provide new possibilities for individual and institutional investors alike. This bold stride reinforces our promise to create a secure, regulated space that builds upon the immense potential of blockchain technology. As we venture forward, we do so with a vision for a more inclusive, transparent, and robust financial future for all.

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