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How to Deposit and Withdraw NGN with Your Bank Account on Binance Website

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Making a deposit to your Binance account only takes a few minutes to complete. In this short guide, we will show you how to complete the process.
Step1: Login to your Binance account
Step2: Click “Fiat and Spot”

1. How to Deposit on the Web?

Video Guide: How to deposit
  • Click on Deposit at the top or simply scroll down to the NGN currency and click deposit.
  • Switch over to Fiat to initiate a payment from your bank account or card.
  • Select the currency payment method in this case, the NGN (Naira)
  • Enter the amount you intend to fund your account with.
Note the fees are far below 0.5 USD
  • Click “Continue” to proceed to the payment menu.
  • Collect the account details provided and make payment using your banking app. Then click on “I have made this bank transfer” to initiate the validation process
  • Once the payment is completed, it will redirect to the Binance page. You can track the transaction in “Transaction History”.
2 How to Withdraw NGN on Binance Web?
Video Guide: How to Withdraw
  • Switch over to Fiat to initiate payment into your Naira bank account.
  • Enter your desired withdrawal amount not less than 5,000 NGN and click Continue
  • Confirm your bank information and tap Continue to proceed.
  • Click Confirm to authorize the transaction.
  • Click on Send to receive your email verification code. Login to your mail to copy and paste the 6-digit code and input your Google Authentication code.
If you used SMS authentication, then copy and paste the code sent to you via a short service code.
  • Click Submit to Continue.
  • Check if you received your funds into your bank account.
  • After submitting the withdrawal request, you will receive the following window. You can track the transaction by clicking “View History”.