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How to Set Up the API Broker ID

2021-06-10 11:59
The Binance API Broker Partner is a Benefit system that includes the trading rebate and marketing support to reward the partners.

How to become a Binance Broker?

You can fill out the application form, and you will receive an email that includes the unique Broker ID and rebate rate.

How does Binance Broker work?

After receiving your unique Broker ID, you can sign up for a new account and generate an API key that enables trading. You can then send orders that contain your Broker ID and receive a real-time API rebate.
You can also refer users to sign up on with your referral code and generate API keys for you. Please make sure that your referred users haven’t registered with others’ referral codes before. When they send orders using your Broker ID, you can instantly receive a 30% - 50% trading rebate.
  • You are not entitled to receive rebates from users who signed up with another person’s referral code or from users who signed up on before you join the Binance API Broker Partner;
  • The API rebate for spot trading will be credited to your Spot Wallet, and the API rebate for Futures trading will be credited to your Futures Wallet;

How to query API endpoints?

You can query the rebate stats and history via the API endpoint with Binance public API and API broker docs.
1. Check users’ qualification
  • For Spot, GET /sapi/v1/apiReferral/ifNewUser
  • For Futures, GET /fapi/v1/apiReferral/ifNewUser
  • You can receive a rebate when both "rebateWorking" and "ifNewUser" are True.
  • If "rebateWorking" is true, this user is qualified for an API rebate, which means that this user doesn’t have a referral code or his VIP level is under VIP 5.
  • If "ifNewUser" is true, this user is a new user, meaning that he signed up on after you become a Binance Broker.
2. Integrate your Broker ID and place orders
  • For spot trading, POST /api/v3/order
  • For Futures trading, POST /fapi/v1/order
  • Suppose your Broker ID is “ABC123”, the "newClientOrderId" of the order endpoint should start with "x-ABC123" when you place an order. The length of newClientOrderId should be under 32 characters.
3. Check your rebate
  • For spot trading, GET /sapi/v1/apiReferral/rebate/recentRecord
  • For Futures trading, GET /fapi/v1/income
  • When you find “API rebate” in Futures income history, it means that your Broker ID is working.
  • If the users you query are qualified, you can receive the rebate.
For more information on Binance API Broker Partner, please contact us on Telegram or follow our Telegram channel.