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Why My Card Purchase Failed

Invalid Date
Q: The error message during my purchase process shows: "There was a problem processing this payment." What’s the reason?
A:There are several possible reasons:
1. Transaction declined:
Your card cannot be used for this type of transaction. Please contact your bank or try again with a different card.
2. Insufficient funds:
Your card balance has insufficient funds. Please top up the balance or use another card.
3. 3D Secure System Malfunction:
There is something wrong with the card issuer's security system. Try again later or with a different card.
4. Transaction declined by the card issuer:
  • The bank's fraud rules (which consider various factors that are not made public) have been triggered.
  • The bank may have placed a temporary hold on the customer's card.
  • The purchase session may have been locked due to multiple declined payments.
  • The seller is located in a country different from that of the card-issuing bank.
You can try to do the following:
  • Contact the bank and request for the payment to be approved.
  • Try again at a later time.
  • Use an alternative credit card.