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Solana v1.18.14 Testnet Adoption Rate Reaches 67%, Reveals Anza Developer Relations Head

According to Odaily, Rex St. John, the head of developer relations at Anza, has announced that the adoption rate of Solana v1.18.14 on the X platform has reached 67%. This significant milestone indicates the growing acceptance and use of this version of the Solana testnet among the platform's users. The announcement by St. John provides a clear indication of the increasing popularity of Solana v1.18.14. The high adoption rate suggests that users are finding the testnet to be reliable and efficient for their needs. This development is a positive sign for Anza and the Solana project as a whole, as it shows that their efforts to provide a robust and efficient platform are being recognized and utilized by a significant portion of their user base. However, it is important to note that this is just the adoption rate on the X platform. The overall adoption rate of Solana v1.18.14 across all platforms is not mentioned in the announcement. Therefore, while this is a significant achievement for the Solana project on the X platform, the overall success of Solana v1.18.14 will depend on its adoption rate across all platforms.

Caitlyn Jenner's Token Launch on Solana Blockchain Raises Doubts

According to CoinDesk, American celebrity Caitlyn Jenner has reportedly launched a token, JENNER, on the Solana blockchain. However, the legitimacy of this token has been questioned due to previous instances of celebrity account compromises. Despite doubts and allegations of a hack, Jenner's account continued to promote the token, even releasing a video that seemed to verify its authenticity. Late Sunday, a post on Jenner’s account claimed she had issued the JENNER token using the Solana token deployer Pump Fun. This was quickly dismissed by market participants as a probable hack, given the history of celebrity accounts being compromised to falsely promote tokens or crypto protocols. Typically, such account breaches are detected early and promptly shut down by security teams. However, Jenner’s account continued to advertise the token hours after the initial launch. A post on the account stated, 'Nothing has been hacked,' and another post claimed a focus on $Jenner with an expectation to hit a $50m market cap in the first 24 hours. The token was likely viewed with skepticism by market observers, as several American celebrities have previously faced charges by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for promoting tokens. About six hours after the token's issuance, Jenner’s account released a video that seemed to show the celebrity discussing the token. The post specifically stated it was not a 'deep fake,' and claimed the token had recorded over $113 million in trading volumes in just four hours. A separate video post appeared to show Jenner’s manager Sophia Hutchins confirming that the token was real and that she was 'managing the crypto project.' Some users dismissed that video as a deep fake. Posts promoting the token were also reportedly made on Jenner’s Instagram account, but CoinDesk did not see these posts on Jenner’s account, suggesting they may have been removed. Meanwhile, only 4% of participants voted 'Yes' on the 'Was Caitlyn Jenner hacked?' market on the predictions platform Polymarket. The market had attracted over $1.2 million in bets as of early in the European afternoon. A request for comment posted through Jenner's website was not immediately answered on a U.S. national holiday.

Solana's Price Shows Signs of Potential Breakout, Targets $180 Level

According to U.Today, Solana, a popular digital asset, is showing signs of a potential breakout as it approaches the $170 mark. The recent price movements suggest that Solana could be gearing up for a significant surge, possibly testing the $180 level soon. Technical indicators reveal numerous buy signals in Solana's daily price chart. The asset has maintained a strong position above the 50-day moving average, a crucial support level during an uptrend rally. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is pointing upwards and is currently above the 50 level, indicating an increase in buying pressure. In addition, the trading volume for Solana has seen a significant increase in recent days, suggesting growing investor confidence and demand for the asset. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator also supports the bullish signals, with the MACD line moving above the signal line. However, the journey to the $180 mark won't be easy for Solana. The first significant resistance lies around the $175 level, a point where the price has faced resistance in the past. If Solana successfully crosses this hurdle, the next target would be the $180 level. A further breakout could potentially push the price towards the $200 mark. Analysts and investors are optimistic about Solana's future, especially with the potential of an Ethereum Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) on the horizon. Many believe that Solana could be next in line for an ETF. However, it might be prudent to wait for the confirmation of the Ethereum ETF before making any predictions.
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