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What Is Launchpad and How to Participate

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Launchpad is a token launch platform for transformative projects. Launchpad Subscription:
What is the new Launchpad Subscription Format?
The new subscription format allows BNB holders to commit an amount of BNB towards a token sale, where their final allocation of the new token is determined by the ratio of their committed BNB against the total committed BNB by all participating users. To ensure a fair allocation for all participants, we will be setting a max cap of token allocation per user.
How do I participate?
Your 6-day average BNB balance will be your maximum participation limit. During the subscription period, you can participate by committing BNB from your spot wallet towards the token sale.
Is there a limit to how much I can commit?
You can commit any amount of BNB up to your total 6-day average BNB balance. For example, if you have an average of 500 BNB over the 6 day calculation period, you may commit 500 BNB during the subscription period.
How is my final allocation calculated?
Once the subscription period is over, each user’s token allocation will be roughly calculated as follows:
(Individual committed BNB / Total committed BNB by all participants) * Total Launchpad tokens to be sold.
The final calculation is likely to deviate from this estimation due to the hard cap per user. Users will only receive more allocation than estimated and not less.
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