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How to Get Started With Binance Leveraged Tokens

2020-05-11 00:49
1. Go to the Binance homepage and select "Derivatives" --> "Leveraged Tokens" to get to the Leveraged Tokens page.
You can also select "Zones" --> "ETF" on the Classic Trading page to view the available Leveraged Token trading pairs.
2. Before you're ready to start trading Binance Leveraged Tokens, you'll have to watch the Leveraged Token tutorial video to learn the basics and complete a quiz. Click "Start Quiz" to submit your answers.
Once you pass the test, you'll have to read and agree to the Leveraged Tokens Risk Disclosure in order to start trading Leveraged Tokens.
3. Please carefully read the Binance Leveraged Tokens Risk Disclosure, the Leveraged Token Trading Rules, and our article about Binance Leveraged Tokens before trading Leveraged Tokens on Binance.
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