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Binance Completes 8th Quarterly BNB Burn

2019-07-12 02:44

Fellow Binancians,

In accordance with our whitepaper, we have completed our 8th quarterly BNB token burn of 808,888 BNB (roughly $23.8 MM USD equivalent) from Binance Team tokens.

8th Quarterly Burn Txid:

Starting with this burn, Binance will relinquish the BNB tokens allocated to the Binance team and contribute this BNB towards our commitment to burning a total of 100 million BNB. The Binance team tokens equate to 40% of the total BNB supply (80,000,000 BNB, currently worth about US$2,400,000,000). For further information on this change, refer to our detailed blog post here.

Tx from Binance team address back to creator address:

Thanks for your support!

Binance Team



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