Renzo protocol is a liquid staking platform and strategy manager built on EigenLayer. It allows users to stake their ETH in exchange for APR from native staking and restaking on EigenLayer, as well as the liquid staking of token from Renzo (ezETH), which can be utilized in various DeFi applications. The platform's governance layer is powered by the native $REZ token, the primary role of which is granting users access to DAO votings within the platform.

Since its inception in mid-2023, the company has garnered the attention of leading funds and investors such as Binance Labs, OKX Ventures, and others, securing over $3.2 million from them.

Renzo restaking protocol aims to provide users with an interface for the EigenLayer ecosystem not only on Ethereum but also on Arbitrum, Linea, Mode, Base, BNB and OKX L2 chain networks.

As a liquid staking protocol, Renzo offers users a ezETH - Renzo liquid staking token in exchange for staking ETH on its platform. This token is equivalent in value to the amount of ETH contributed to Renzo. The APR for staking ETH can be tracked via the growth of ezETH. Initially, this ratio is 1:1, but over time, it increases in value according to the APR promised by the platform.

However, unlike the other protocols, the rise of value of the ezETH token backed up not only by rewards from the native staking on Ethereum but also by rewards from the restaking on EigenLayer, potentially leading to the higher returns for users. The token can be also used to earn additional APR by providing it into the DeFi LP and lending protocols, similarly to the other ETH staking protocols.

This innovative approach garnered the remarkable attention not only from top tier funds such as Binance Labs and OKX Ventures, but also the crypto community. Since its inception in 2023, the protocol has managed to grow its TVL (total value locked) to over $3.3B.

Renzo Token

ūüĒ•Highly demanded product, fully aligned with current market trends and narratives of "ETH restaking"

ūüĒ•Huge TVL ($3B+) prior to the token launch

ūüĒ•Low annual token inflation rate in the first year of the token release (4.5%).

ūüĒ•Listing and IEO of the token on Binance

ūüĒ•Backing from top-tier funds including Binance Labs, Maven 11 Capital, and others

ūüĒ•Security and bug bounty audit hosted by Halborn and ImmuneFi

ūüĒ•Strong performance in PR, Social Media, Growth, and Influencer marketing

ūüĒ•Experienced leadership team

What is the ezETH Token?

The ezETH token is the native token of the Renzo Protocol that represents a user’s re-stake activities. Users that deposit ETH or other approved tokens receive ezETH tokens, which hold similar value and can be used for transactions.

The ezETH token is a reward-bearing token, so its price increases relative to the underlying asset and its earned reward. These earned rewards can be in ETH, USDC, and AVS reward tokens. Users can also withdraw their staked tokens and rewards.

Withdrawing assets involves unstaking the deposited assets, and it is subject to the re-staking strategy and EigenLayer’s unstaking protocol. The withdrawal process can take at least seven days, depending on the above factors.

Directly withdrawing ezETH tokens is not enabled. Instead, users can sell their ezETH to balancers who would convert the ezETH token to ETH. That is why the token has zero circulating supply and a total supply of 282,469 ezETH.

The ezETH token provides some potential benefits to its holders. The token leverages the EigenLayer to offer higher yields than traditional staking protocols.

It also allows for flexible asset management. With the ezETH token, users can reap the benefits of staking on Ethereum while participating in DeFi transactions.

The Renzo Protocol’s strategy manager automatically selects validators based on specific criteria to minimize slashing risks associated with validator misconduct.

Finally, the protocol allows for cross-chain staking features, allowing holders to re-stake on popular layer two projects using wETH. This expands the investment opportunities open to Renzo users.

A major advantage of the Renzo Protocol is the enhanced yield combined with the ezETH token, allowing re-staking assets on multiple projects.Another advantage is the cross-chain capacity, which simplifies the staking experience. And a user-friendly Interface with reduced cost.The project also has the possibility of future multi-token support for WBETH and Lasts from other projects. Using the EigenLayer, Renzo Protocol can provide a secure, trustless staking experience.

ūüĎČ Renzo currently is super hyped especially after Binance Launchpool Announcement. I am sure we will be way above OTC Prices long-term here. Personally farming and will buy on Listing as well!

ūüĒ• You can farm using your BNB or FDUSD:

Go to and choose either to stake your $BNB or $FDUSD

Staking your BNB is bringing you another huge benefits. You are participating in the Binance Megadrop as well!

Megadrop,‚ÄĚ the new program is a token launch platform where users ‚Äúcan subscribe BNB to Locked Products and/or complete tasks in their Web3 Wallet for early access to rewards from selected Web3 projects before their tokens are listed on the Binance Exchange,‚ÄĚ according to a Binance blog post.


ūüĒ•With the successful upgrade to EigenLayer M2 contracts, the Renzo team has prioritized working with multiple audit firms to prepare the protocol for Mainnet withdrawals:

ūüĒ•HalbornSecurity a trusted partner from Day 1 is doing a full re-audit of the protocol to be complete mid May

ūüĒ•Sigma Prime a new audit partner is scheduled to be complete by the end of May

ūüĒ•Code4rena audit contest is scheduled to begin the first week of May.


Snapshot & Claim Timeline:

ūüĎČSnapshot date remains on April 26th, 2024

ūüĎČClaim date is changing to April 30th, 2024 (1 hour before Binance listing)

Tokenomics Update:

ūüĎČCommunity: Total increasing from 30% to 32%

ūüĎČTotal Airdrop allocation increasing from 10% to 12%

ūüĎČSeason 1 increased from 5% to 7% total supply (2% increase is coming from Liquidity (MMs) & Foundation)

ūüĎČSeason 2 allocation remains at 5% total supply

Binance Launch pool:

ūüĎČRemains at 2.5% total supply

Airdrop Eligibility:

ūüĎČMinimum qualification is 360 ezPoints per wallet

ūüĎČMajority of all eligible wallets, greater than 99%, are fully unlocked at TGE

ūüĎČA higher threshold is being applied for the largest wallets. Wallets with more than 500k ezPoints will unlock 50% at TGE with the remainder now vesting linearly over 3 months.

This Recent Updates about the Airdrop are really important and show how passionate Renzo team is and how they care for the Community and put them on 1st Place!

ūüĎČStill few days left to farm Renzo Folks. It's always good to start as early as you can! See some previous Binance Launchpool Projects performance. All are doing very good and will do even better with the upcoming Bull Cycle!

Happy Farming ūüöú

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