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Asset Conversion Function

2020-09-02 07:22
1. What is the Asset Conversion function?
The Asset Conversion is a function that allows Coin-margined Futures Contracts trader to convert A coin into B coin directly, you can access the function in your Coin-margined Futures wallet. It no longer requires to transfer A coin out of your Futures wallet to convert into B coin and then transfer it back in order to trade B coin-based contract, which significantly saved your time.
2. Where can I access the Asset Conversion function?
There are several ways to access, available in Web、 Andriod 1.29 、IOS2.18
a. In the new website trading page, under ‘Asset’ module, directly click the ‘Convert’ button.
b. In the Transfer pop-up window, access via ‘Convert’ tab
c. In your Futures wallet page, there is also a ‘Convert’ button available in the Coin-margined Futures wallet.
Mobile App:
a. Android: access via ‘Convert’ button in your Futures wallet
b. OS: access via ‘Convert’ button in your Futures wallet; or in trading interface, click into the convert icon
Mobile App:
3. How to convert assets?
  1. Choose to convert asset A into asset B
  2. Enter the amount of asset A to be converted, the maximum convertible quantity is equal to the available balance
  3. Check the real-time exchange rate quoted by the system and the amount of asset B you will receive
  4. Click ‘Confirm’
* Please be noted that real-time exchange rate automatically refresh in every 10 seconds, and if the latest exchange rate and the displayed exchange rate have deviated too much during the operation, the requested conversion might fail to process.
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