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Binance Gift Card Supports Women in Crypto - Share a Prize Pool of 100M SHIB!

2022-08-09 09:52
Fellow Binancians,
To encourage women in crypto, Binance is launching a giveaway for Gift Card senders that use its "Women In Crypto" collection templates.
Promotion Period: 2022-08-10 00:00 (UTC) - 2022-08-31 23:59 (UTC)
Promotion A: New Gift Card Users to Share a 60M SHIB Prize Pool
New Gift Card users who send a “Women In Crypto” Gift Card for the first time (in any token or amount) during the Promotion Period will be eligible for a share of the 60M SHIB pool when the Gift Card is successfully redeemed by the receiving user. Send more “Women In Crypto” Gift Cards and make sure they are redeemed by unique recipients to get a larger share of the prize pool.
Reward calculation
Individual User Reward =
(Number of eligible Gift Cards sent by an eligible user during the Promotion Period / Total number of eligible Gift Cards sent by all eligible users during the Promotion Period) *60M SHIB in Gift Cards
For example, new Gift Card user Alice sends five “Women In Crypto” Gift Cards during the promotion, and there are a total of 100 “Women In Crypto” Gift Cards sent by all eligible users during the promotion, Alice’s reward amount would be (5/100)*60M SHIB = 3M SHIB.
Promotion B: Existing Gift Card Users to Each Claim Up to 200k SHIB
Existing Gift Card users who send aWomen In Crypto” Gift Card to new Gift Card users will be eligible to receive 10k SHIB for each valid recipient. To qualify, the Gift Card must be worth $2 or more.
  • The rewards will be given on a first-come, first-served basis according to the Gift Card redemption time. The prize pool for Promotion B will be a total of 40M SHIB.
  • Each user (UID) is limited to a maximum of 200k SHIB in rewards (maximum of 20 eligible recipients).
Please note: The Gift Cards sent during the Promotion Period must be redeemed by 2022-08-31 23:59 (UTC) to qualify for either promotion.
Learn more:
Terms and Conditions:
  • Each user is limited to getting rewards from one promotion only (either Promotion A or Promotion B).
  • Only eligible and verified senders will qualify for rewards. Gift Cards must be sent during the Promotion Period.
  • Gift Cards must be created and redeemed by different users (sender and recipient cannot be the same person or UID). Recipients must claim the Gift Cards by 2022-08-31 23:59 (UTC) for senders to qualify for either Promotion.
  • Rewards will be distributed via Gift Cards directly to users’ Gift Card accounts two weeks after the Promotion ends. Users can claim their Gift Cards on Binance App or website. To redeem by Binance App, visit the Homepage > Profile > Gift Card > My Cards. Please make sure your Binance App is updated to iOS 2.32.0 or Android 1.43.0, or above. To redeem by Binance Website, visit the Homepage > click Finance on the toolbar > choose Binance Gift Card from the drop-down menu> paste 16-digits code to redeem.
  • Rewards will be valid for two weeks after distribution. Please make sure to redeem it before the expiration date.
  • Sub-accounts will not be viewed as independent accounts when participating in the Promotion.
  • Additional promotion terms and conditions can be accessed here.
  • Binance reserves the right to disqualify any participants that, in its reasonable opinion, are acting fraudulently or not in accordance with any applicable terms and conditions.
  • Binance reserves the right to modify or cancel any terms or conditions of the Promotion.
Thanks for your support!
Binance Team
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Note: The announcement was last updated on 2022-09-13 to clarify that Gift Card rewards will be valid for two weeks after distribution, and users should redeem rewards before the expiration date.
Binance reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.
Risk Warning: Digital asset prices can be volatile. These fluctuations may affect the value of digital assets loaded onto a Gift Card, which may be lower or higher at the time of redemption than it was at the time of loading. Binance is not liable for any losses you may incur. Not financial advice. For more information, see our Terms of Use, Terms of Use for Binance Gift Cards and Risk Warning.