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Winners of Binance API Competition

2017-11-07 06:31

Fellow Binancians,


Binance’s API Competition is now complete, with a total of 9 winners over 8 programming languages. Each winner will receive 1,000 BNB from Binance. Winners and their winning projects are listed as follows:

  1. Java: Winner - João Silva, Project Code: ( https://github.com/binance-exchange/binance-java-api );
  2. Python: Winner - Sam McHardy, Project Code: ( https://github.com/binance-exchange/python-binance );
  3. Node.js: 2 Winners - Jon Eyrick & Balthazar Gronon, Project Codes: ( https://github.com/binance-exchange/node-binance-api https://github.com/binance-exchange/binance-api-node );
  4. Go: Winner - Peter Dulack, Project Code: (https://github.com/binance-exchange/go-binance );
  5. C++: Winner - Phu Jiong June, Project Code: (https://github.com/binance-exchange/binacpp );
  6. C#: Winner - Jon Evans, Project Code: (https://github.com/binance-exchange/BinanceDotNet );
  7. PHP: Winner - Jon Eyrick, Project Code: (https://github.com/binance-exchange/php-binance-api );
  8. Objective-C: Winner - Sumant Manne, Project Code: (https://github.com/binance-exchange/BinanceApi );

As all API project codes above are now publicly available, please feel free to use this code for your own trading bots on Binance.

If you do notice any errors in the code, we are always open to receiving your feedback or suggestions in our issue tracker on Github.

Thanks for your support!

Binance Team



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