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Binance P2P Merchant Guidelines
2020-08-11 08:01
Dear Binance P2P Merchant,
In order to create a fair, secure, and reliable trading environment for our users on the Binance P2P platform, our merchants need to abide by the following principles:
General Principles
  • Make payment fast, release token fast, and reply to users fast
  • DO NOT cancel orders arbitrarily and do not appeal maliciously
  • Contact users directly before filing an appeal
  • Be responsible for your ads, confirm the price and quantity before publishing the ads
  • DO NOT include “Binance” or any of the sensitive words in your nickname
  • Be honest, polite, and fair
  • Respect users, other merchants, and Binance staff
  • We do not have any official representatives on all other social media apps or messengers except for Telegram, so please be cautious if someone contacts you and claims they are from Binance on other platforms.
  • Only accept payment in methods you advertise and from the available options on the platform
Trading Principles
  1. Payment and receipt of funds
  2. It’s required that the account holder’s name on the payment method the merchant uses is consistent with the merchant’s real name (KYC name) on Binance. If you find that your name is not identical to what’s on your ID/Passport, please raise a ticket to the Customer Support team.
  3. When receiving funds, if the counterparty’s bank account information is inconsistent with his/her KYC name on the platform, the merchant should refuse to trade and negotiate a refund with the buyer. Furtherly, we strongly recommend you to report that order to us (through the Telegram group chat).
  4. When merchants make a payment, if the user uses a non-real-name authenticated account to receive the payment, merchants can cancel the order. Furthermore, we strongly recommend you to report that order to us (through the Telegram group chat).
  5. The merchant is encouraged to ask for additional KYC verifications from the users. However, users have the right to refuse to cooperate. If the users refuse to provide the additional information, then the merchants are supposed to terminate the trade. (Refund the money or cancel the order directly or ask the CS team to help cancel the order)
  6. Asset security
  7. Merchants must not participate in any form of transactions involving illegal funds.
  8. When the user complains that the bank card is frozen due to the payment received from the merchant, it is required to actively cooperate with the platform staff to provide evidence.
  9. If the merchant’s bank account is frozen, the online customer service should be contacted in time to provide feedback on the frozen account information and provide evidence that it is related to the platform user.
  10. If the illegal digital assets or illegal funds brought by the merchant flow into the platform, resulting in the loss of the platform and user assets or legal risks, the platform has the right to disqualify the merchants, ban all his activities and confiscate the security deposit.
  11. Operating rules
  12. After becoming a merchant, please read the Merchant Tutorial first.
  13. Merchants are not encouraged to trade with users outside the platform. If the merchant trades with users privately, the platform will not bear any responsibility for any losses caused.
  14. After the merchant has completed the payment, if the merchant has not received the tokens after 15 minutes, the merchant should contact the counterparty. If there is no response, then click on “Appeal” to contact the online customer support for help.
  15. The merchant is prohibited to make a small amount transfer to the user's bank account for testing without the user's consent.
  16. The merchant is limited to post 2 online ads with the same direction/same crypto pair:
Type/Buy or Sell
per fiat
  1. The merchant is not allowed to post links to third-party resources in the “remarks” or “auto-reply” sections, especially with links to other Exchanges/P2P/OTC platforms.
  2. We may hide or close the ad of the merchant if he violates the Merchant Guidelines.
  3. Disqualification
A merchant may be disqualified if one of the following conditions exists:
  1. The merchant does not cooperate with the customer support or the assistance in the Telegram group to process the appeal order or delay the trading process.
  2. The merchant contacts the user in any form to charge fees.
  3. The merchant leaked the user's name, contact information, address, and other related information, which caused adverse effects.
  4. The merchant spreads bad information that affects the platform.
  5. The merchant gains advantage by unfair competition.
*Detailed rules for merchant management
1st time
(per month)
(per month)
Violation regarding payment and receipt of fundsAfter the merchant receives the user's payment using an account that is inconsistent with the real name of the platform account or cannot verify the real name, the merchant does not refund the user and gets appealed.
The bank account provided by the merchant to receive payment is abnormal, and an effective payment method is not provided in a timely manner, so the user cannot complete the payment and appeals.
The merchant clicks on "Mark as paid" when the merchant has not paid and gets appealed.
Merchants make payments using accounts that are inconsistent with the real name of the account on the platform and get appealed by users.
Trading banned for 1 week
2 Consecutive Months
Assessment metrics did not meet requirements The average release time and paying time above-average for the past 30 days.May be considered to be disqualified
Order completion rate is below-average for the past 30 daysMay be considered to be disqualified
Appeal rate >= 5% (appeal rate = the amount of complaints / total number of matched orders)Disqualification
The merchant has not made any completed orders for 2 successive weeks.Disqualification
Risk control triggered After verification by the customer support, the user’s bank card was frozen due to the payment made by the merchant and the merchant failed to provide a bank statement within the given timeframeAd removed and all trading activities banned until the investigation is over.
The abnormality was detected by our risk control system, and the merchant refuses or does not actively cooperate with the platform for investigation.Disqualification
Detected by our risk control, the merchant uses other accounts to intentionally wash trades and stop other Disqualification
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