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About Pundi X

Pundi X is a blockchain platform designed to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency as an everyday means of payment. Pundi X’s technological solutions include point-of-sale systems that allow businesses to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

As an open-source platform, Pundi X combines contactless card payment features with a mobile application that allows any business to receive cryptocurrency payments. Initiatives such as distributing free hardware to retailers using the Pundi X system have resulted in its payment solutions being implemented across 30 markets globally thus far. 

The platform’s payment solutions can be used to accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies and are not limited to its native PUNDIX token. Notably, Pundi X relies on Chainlink blockchain technology in order to secure and verify payments within its payments ecosystem. PUNDIX price is updated and available in real-time on Binance.

People Also Ask: Other Questions About Pundi X

  1. What is PUNDIX Used For?

    PUNDIX is used within the Pundi X ecosystem as a payment method and is staked within the Pundi X proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus model. PUNDIX price information is available on Binance.

  2. How Do Network Consensus and Validation Work on Pundi X?

    Pundi X is secured by the Chainlink blockchain and uses PoS consensus.

  3. Who is the Pundi X Founder?

    Pundi X was founded by Zac Cheah, Danny Lim, and Pitt Huang in 2017.

  4. What is the Maximum Token Supply of Pundi X?

    Pundi X’s maximum token supply is limited to 258,491,637 PUNDIX.

  5. What Makes Pundi X Different From Others?

    Pundi X is notable as a large-scale, blockchain-powered point-of-sale and payment-processing platform that facilitates the use of cryptocurrency as an everyday means of payment at retailers and other businesses. Its XPOS platform integrates physical hardware that streamlines business crypto payments with the goal of accelerating and streamlining cryptocurrency adoption.

  6. How To Buy PUNDIX?

    PUNDIX can be purchased directly from Binance using a debit or credit card. It can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies on the Binance exchange. Live PUNDIX price is updated in real-time on Binance. For additional instructions and information, users can read our How to Buy Pundi X (New) (PUNDIX) Guide.