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Margin Trading Users Survey 2020 Answers and Analysis

2020-04-21 08:15
<The correct answer is underlined in bold>
Q1:What is the difference between Margin trading and Spot trading?
a. Margin trading provides higher returns than Spot trading
b. Margin trading has higher risks
c. Both of the above【Correct:73.56%】

Q2:If the price of BTC drops from $15,000 to $10,000, and according to you, it will continue to fall, what would be the most appropriate margin trading strategy?
a. Borrow BUSD to buy BTC
b. Borrow BTC to sell short【Correct:56.29%】
c. Wait for the price to grow
Q3: Which of the following leverage multipliers generates higher profit and risk:
a. 3X b. 5X c. 10X【Correct:81.13%】
Q4: How to simplify your trading and generate profit when the market is fluctuating?
a. Avoid multiplying borrowings and borrow one large amount at once
b. Auto borrowing when placing an order【Correct:25.81%】
c. Use BNB to pay for interest fees
Q5: How often is the margin interest rate calculated?
a. Daily b. Hourly【Correct:43.01%】 c. Weekly
Q6: What would happen to your Margin account if there’s a huge gap between the market price and the strike price of your leveraged trading pairs?
a. It would instantly generate huge profit
b. It would immediately get liquidated
c. No significant change. Because Binance gets quotes from multiple exchanges to calculate the risk rate. The price of a single exchange will not affect the risk rate.【Correct:56.49%】
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