• This is an outlook on the monthly candles of Bitcoin and the most popular altcoins. Candles are very powerful, especially on the monthly chart.

  • I hope this analysis will help you with your trading decisions!

  • My verdict is that the candles look bearish . There is a higher chance to go down and continue in the downtrend.

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BItcoin ( BTC ) - Bearish red engulfing candle. The monthly candle closed at the record low. The body is greater than the wick.

Ethereum (ETH) - Bearish red engulfing candle. The monthly candle closed below the previous 2 candles. Aslo we made a new low. Looks bad.

XRP (XRP) - Bearish red hanging-man candle. The candle on XRP is a little bit bullish , but not in this structure. It looks bad to me.

Binance (BNB) - Bearish red spinning top engulfing candle. The monthly candle is a bearish "spinning top." Also, this candle is an engulfing candle. Looks bad.

DOGE (DOGE) - Bearish red spinning top candle. This candle is red, and there was no continuationof the previous candle. Not the best.

Cardano (ADA) - Very bearish red candle. The worst candle ever, this will go down. The previous reversal candle ( hammer ) was ignored.

Polygon (MATIC) - Green doji / shooting star reversal candle with a long wick. The candle has a huge rejection wick. Not the best for the bulls.

Solana (SOL) - Huge bearish red engulfing candle. Solana is freefalling. There are no signs of a trend reversal.