On November 30, Grayscale’s Twitter account published a formal tweet on the reports that they would stop supporting clients’ BTC.

Like many other reliable crypto companies, Grayscale has assured customers that all is well with the business. Additionally, it confirms that all other crypto assets fully support them.

The second tweet from the cryptocurrency investing firm aims to attract new clients. Additionally, it suggests that all reserves will soon be available. They likely employ the classic crypto tagline “Trust me, Bro.” in an effort to entice some of the new young and trendy investors.

Other sources claim that shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) have dropped 74% so far and are currently trading at about $8.75. Its stock is currently trading at a historic 42.69% discount.

After the FTX crash, the neighborhood is concerned for Grayscale’s safety. GBTC currently holds over 635,000 Bitcoins (BTC) and 3,1 million Ethereum. These coins are worth a total of $13.7 billion.

All Grayscale trusts are currently unable to redeem shares. Because investors cannot contribute ETHE to Grayscale to redeem ether, Grayscale trusts trade at a different price from the assets they possess.

Grayscale also said that Coinbase Custody is where the company keeps its digital assets. On November 28, when trading ended, ETHE held 3,044,506 ether.