SEI, SEI, SEI and SEI is on everyone’s lip, but what is SEI? A new type of ocean? Oh, a new type of crypto? Anyway, if you’re curious like myself, take a sip and read this article to the end, this will justly satisfy your curiosity and set you in the path of knowledge because you’ll get to have the orientation needed to have the fullest understanding of SEI, what SEI is cooking, and the entire SEI ecosystem.

What is SEI?

Sei is an L1 (Layer 1) blockchain built with one goal in mind: to be the new blockchain for DEXchanges across DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, SociaFi, and metaverse.

It is built with the Cosmos SDK, enabling it to be sector specific and focus on commerce, SEI aims to achieve its ambitious goals with improvements in three key areas: performance, security and interoperability.

SEI is the fastest blockchain layer1 solutions built and designed to scale with the industry.


Features of SEI Blockchain

1.    Highly secured

Built from the scratch with security as topmost focus and secured by the world most reputable institution and validators.

2.    Massively scalable

SEI serve as a step function change in blockchain scalability, capable of supporting the largest apps in the world

3.    The fastest blockchain

SEI infrastructure guarantees lightning-fast transactions with topmost security and stability.

4.    Brand new applications

SEI optimization makes it possible for real world new and powerful applications to emerge.

5.    Carbon neutral.

SEI foundation is committed to proper usage of energy (energy efficiency)

SEI Infrastructures.

Let’s take a dig at SEI powerful infrastructures.

1.    Unparalleled speed

2.    Security first obligation

3.    User eccentric

What's new thing that SEI offers?

With millions of users, thousands of applications, hundreds of blockchain, what’s something new or something important and key to blockchain ecosystem growth that SEI has to offer?

1.    Faster blockchain with a lower bound of 300ms

2.    Twin-turbo consensus

3.    Market based parallelization

4.    Native matching engines that exchange can leverage on

5.    Frontrunning protection.

SEI Ecosystem.

Exploring the projects that are committed to building on SEI, many NFT projects, DEFI projects, GameFi, SociaFi, digital wallets, stable coins, and lots more.

SEI ecosystem saw a rapid growth, thanks to the amazing work of the team who are dedicated to development of the fastest blockchain with frontrunning protection among others.


Finally, community has always been a great asset to every project and SEI community has not been found wanting, with over 665,897 members on discord channel, 529k twitter followers, over 20k members are committed ambassador, which prove that SEI progress is not only in technical view but also in the non-technical view (community-wyse)

SEI On Binance

its awesome and amazing to see projects like SEI been recognized by Binance, the world’s largest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange.

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