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#AMFToken Stak now

#AMFToken Stak now

AMF Token
💪 🏆 🎉 AMF Staking – first statistics – successful start.

😲 More than 155 active stakes in 9 days - about 5,000,000 total AMF Tokens was stake. We already have paid out over 600,000 AMF in daily interest.

📈 After the launch of the AMF Staking program, price of AMF Tokens increased by 15% within 9 days. This means that users who placed a stake in the early days will receive greater benefits.

🙋 It's not too late to take part in AMF Staking.

💰 Buy AMF Tokens now for staking and don't let anyone know that you weren't notified of future AMF Token price increases. 👉

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AMF Tokens © 2021-2024 - [✅ over 2 years]
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