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Binance Charity Chats: Crypto Donations And Hope For Haiti’s Earthquake Response


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Charity Chats is a Twitter interview series exploring Web3’s positive impacts. 

  • In the premiere episode of Binance Charity Chats, we interviewed Skyler Badenoch from Hope for Haiti to discuss the work involved in earthquake response and relief.

  • Hope for Haiti is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve the quality of life for Haitian people. Read on to understand the work involved in disaster relief.

Discover how the nonprofit organization Hope for Haiti used crypto donations and blockchain technology to aid relief efforts in the wake of a deadly earthquake.

In the first episode of Binance Charity Chats, Deputy Director Elizabeth Li talked with Skyler Badenoch, CEO of Hope for Haiti, about the vital resources and steps needed for earthquake relief. They discussed how blockchain can help expedite humanitarian efforts, emphasizing the potential to improve efficiency, transparency, and impact in disaster response and recovery. 

Binance Charity Chats is a Twitter interview series where we assemble an array of experts to discuss one thing: Web3 as a force for good. Read about the insightful discussion as Elizabeth and Skyler delve into the intersection of technology and humanitarian work.

Hope for Haiti

“Hope for Haiti has been looking to improve systems of education, healthcare, vital infrastructure, water, and economic opportunity.” – Skyler Badenoch, Hope for Haiti CEO

In 2021, a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 hit Haiti, resulting in the collapse of buildings, infrastructure damage, and significant loss of life. In the aftermath, an urgent need arose for essential resources, such as temporary field hospitals, to provide medical care and support to the injured. 

This is where Hope for Haiti stepped in, diligently working to address these critical needs and providing vital assistance to those affected by the earthquake.

From running mobile clinics to partnering with organizations like Binance Charity, Skyler and his team have been quick to provide aid and assistance to affected communities. 

Skyler said, “People are trying to figure out how to get access to basic human needs — food, water, access to shelter.” With the resources Hope for Haiti received, the team worked in the field to provide free medicine and supplies to help Haitians rebuild their lives. 

During the interview call, the Hope for Haiti CEO took the viewers to see the mobile clinic that was set up and shared that free medicine was being distributed to patients.

“We’re going to do our best to support the communities that we serve,” Skyler added.


“We’ve been doing it with high standards of governance, transparency, and accountability to make sure that anybody who donates money to us knows that we’re accounting for every dollar we receive.” – Skyler Badenoch, Hope for Haiti CEO

Tackling the lack of trust is a challenge that the philanthropic sector has long sought to address. Fortunately, blockchain’s decentralized and immutable nature allows for transparent tracking of donations from the point of contribution to their final utilization. With blockchain, the entire lifecycle of a donation can be recorded and verified, ensuring that funds are allocated and used as intended. 

Donors can have greater confidence in their contributions, knowing they can verify the impact and track the flow of funds in real time. This level of transparency can foster trust between charities and donors, encouraging more individuals to contribute to worthy causes.

Furthermore, smart contracts powered by blockchain can automate the execution of donation agreements, ensuring that funds are distributed based on predefined conditions and eliminating the need for intermediaries. The risk of corruption or mismanagement is reduced as the distribution process becomes transparent, auditable, and free from human error. 

Donors can have peace of mind knowing their contributions are being utilized efficiently and effectively, while charities can showcase their responsible handling of funds. Ultimately, blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way nonprofits operate, bringing greater transparency, accountability, and trust to the world of charitable donations.

Binance Charity’s Response

The earthquake caused significant destruction and loss of life, further exacerbating the challenges faced by Haitian families already dealing with political unrest, resource shortages, economic insecurity, and the impact of COVID-19.

On August 23, Binance Charity joined forces with Hope for Haiti to launch an emergency appeal following the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti. We aimed to raise 100,000 USD in funds from the cryptocurrency community to support relief efforts, starting with the 50,000 USD in BTC that Binance Charity donated.

“Binance Charity’s incredible generosity in the wake of the devastating earthquake will directly enable our team to provide essential relief, support, and continuous assistance to Haitian families in the greater south of Haiti,” said Skyler.

Donations could be made online, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Hope for Haiti. The funds helped provide medical support, clean water access, financial assistance, and infrastructure rehabilitation in the affected areas.

With the natural disaster wrecking Haitian families, every bit of support is essential. “Our entire organization is grateful for their support and that of the cryptocurrency community,” shared Skyler.

Rebuilding lives in the aftermath of a natural disaster takes significant time and resources. Help affected communities by donating to a Binance Charity project today.

Catch Binance Charity Chats

From enhancing accountability to providing alternate avenues of giving, blockchain has the potential to change how charitable giving works. Want to know more about the intersection of blockchain and philanthropy? The full Binance Charity Chat: Hope for Haiti live stream can be found online.

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