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What Is the Binance Portfolio Margin Program

What Is the Binance Portfolio Margin Program

2022-04-18 06:22

An Overview of the Binance Portfolio Margin Program

The Binance Portfolio Margin Program is a cross-asset margin program that consolidates the margin balance across different trading products with more than 200 cryptocurrencies as collateral. It is designed for professional traders, market makers, and institutional clients who are looking to trade actively, cross-hedge, and optimize risk management in an integrated setup.
Under the Portfolio Margin Program, all of the supported crypto-assets and positions in the Cross Margin, USDⓈ-M Futures, and COIN-M Futures accounts are accounted for as one single joint collateral to determine the account’s equity, margin balance, and maintenance margin requirement. Therefore, the consolidated margin balance can be used to open Cross Margin, USDⓈ-M Futures, or COIN-M Futures positions without any symbol limitations.
In the illustration below, we demonstrate how the Binance Portfolio Margin Program works:

How Is the Portfolio Margin Program Different From the Multi-Asset Mode?

The main difference between the Portfolio Margin Program and Multi-Asset Mode is the consolidated margin balance across different trading products.
For instance, the Portfolio Margin Program broadens the margin scope to include the balance on the Margin, USDⓈ-M Futures, and COIN-M Futures wallets as part of one single joint collateral. Meanwhile, Multi-Assets Mode allows users to share their margin across USDT-M and BUSD-M Futures contracts.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Binance Portfolio Margin Program?

Enhanced Capital Efficiency

Users can utilize their collateral from multiple wallets to open positions across different trading products, gaining significant flexibility and reducing capital constraints regarding collateral management.

More Than 200 Supported Crypto Collaterals

The consolidated margin balance supports over 200 crypto-assets, which can be used to trade on the Cross Margin, USDⓈ-M Futures, and COIN-M Futures markets. Essentially, it turns all supported crypto-assets across multiple wallets into effective margin assets.

Portfolio-Wide Margin Check

The Binance Portfolio Margin adopts a consolidated portfolio-based margin calculation process. It relies on a real-time maintenance margin check across all positions, which skips the initial margin check requirement and reduces the need for actively placing margin check orders.
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