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How to Withdraw UAH to GEO Pay Wallet

2021-03-04 03:08
Step 1: Log in to your Binance account. From the top menu, under [Wallet], click [Fiat and Spot].
Step 2: From the list, look for the fiat currency "Ukrainian Hryvnia" (UAH) and click the [Withdraw] button on the right.
Step 3:
  • Select [GEO Pay];
  • Enter the desired amount to withdraw;
  • Enter your GEO Pay ID - you can find it in the "Cabinet" on "GEO Pay" website or in the "QR" zone on в мобільних додатках;
  • Click [Continue].
Step 4: Review the transaction details, and if all is correct, click [Confirm].
Step 5: Enter your verification codes to authorize the withdrawal.
Step 6: In a few seconds, the funds will be transferred from your Binance account to your GEO Pay account. The transaction will be recorded in your transaction history, which can be accessed by clicking the [View History] button.
To learn more, please refer to:
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