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How to Customize Your Binance Futures Referral Code
2019-12-13 00:27
A customized referral code for Binance futures is a great way to create an easy link to refer friends with. By referring your friends, you can both earn commission on any trading fees your invited friends incur.
A customized code differs from a normal referral code, but both provide the same amount of commission. With a customized code, you can generate a unique URL of your choice.
Custom referral codes can only be generated once. Your custom code cannot be changed once confirmed.
For more information on the commission earned, visit our Binance Referral Program Upgrade page.
Generating your customized Binance futures referral code
1. Visit and log into your account. Click your account icon on the top right hand of the screen and click [Referral] on the dropdown menu.
2. Click on "Invite Now"
3. Click on [Customize code] and enter your customized Futures Referral code and click [Confirm]. Done! Time to get sharing!