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Blobstream-Starknet with Celestia

Blobstream-Starknet with Celestia

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Starknet currently offers a multitude of opportunities for all users 🎅 As a user, you can: 🐺 Enjoy the boosted APR provided by the Foundation for liquidity provision activities (over 100% APY for certain pools on AMM) or Lending (more than 20% APR in single asset). 🐺 Leverage the DCA feature of @EkuboProtocol to accumulate your favorite crypto over time. 🐺 Secure your assets with top-notch security measures like 2FA or 3FA offered by @argentHQ and @myBraavos. 🐺 Create your own Memecoin using @UnrugMemec0in (you don’t need any development knowledge, just to be part of the left curve) If you have basic development knowledge, you can also program your own arbitrage bot. Numerous arbitrage opportunities are currently available on Starknet. Here's how you can easily set yours up on Ekubo: As a developer, you can build your dream project using a Rust-based language optimized to prove everything your dApp generates (provable by default). In doing so, you will: 🛠️ Buidl within a still nascent ecosystem: there's still much to be done. 🛠️ Receive grants to just buidl your project 🛠️ Obtain a grant directly from ecosystem projects, like the most recent program offered by Realm: 🛠️ Qualify for programs such as Devonomics ( or Starknet Propulsion Program ( And if you have a project in mind but need advice on legal matters, team creation and composition, hiring, networking, or anything else, you can contact the @StarknetFndn. While there is still much to be done, many opportunities are already here. Join us! 🐺

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