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Guide to Account Functions
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How to Show My Deposit History within 6 Months

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You may be asked to show your deposit history within 6 months to verify the source of your assets.

What should I include in the video?

1. Record yourself logging in to the corresponding external platform you used to transfer assets to Binance.
2. Find the relevant transaction records, including the date, name of the coin/token, withdrawal amount, and TxID of all your withdrawal records within 6 months.
Please make sure that the withdrawal information is consistent with that in your Binance account.

Important notes:
  • You have to record the process live instead of a screen record;
  • Please show the complete process of you logging in to the source platform;
  • The platform name and website address should be clearly identifiable;
  • When showing the withdrawal record, please clearly shows the TxID, name of the coin/token, and the withdrawal amount;
  • Please protect sensitive information in the video, such as your password when recording the login process.
  • Please include the content in a single video.
For more information, please refer to this tutorial:
video tutorial
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