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Account Functions
Guide to Account Functions
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How to Reactivate My Account Withdrawal Function

Invalid Date
To reactivate your account withdrawal function, you need to submit a video to our Customer Service team to verify your request.

What should I include in the video?

1. Sit in front of the camera. You need to show your face clearly and hold the information page of your ID document;
2. Speak a statement into the camera to verify your identity, such as:
"Today is DD-MM-YYYY, I'm applying to withdraw XXX USDT from my account. I confirm that it is my activity, and I am contacting Binance customer service to enable the withdrawal function of my Binance account"

Please note that you should include:
  • Today's date;
  • The amount and coin you wish to withdraw;
  • A clear confirmation that you authorize this withdrawal;
  • A statement of your purpose;
  • Your Binance account email address.
For more information, please refer to this tutorial:
video tutorial
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