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What is Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp and Frequently Asked Questions

2022-03-11 10:21

What is the Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp?

Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp is a seven-class course designed for crypto enthusiasts. No prior experience is required. All you need is a can-do attitude and a thirst for knowledge. You also won’t be on your own as one of our seasoned crypto content experts will be guiding you throughout the journey. With each class, you’ll discover essential skills and tools to succeed in the crypto creator economy.
Some of the classes will feature a hands-on project that lets you practice with a real audience. You can also win rewards by completing the classes and projects, such as bonus incentives, extra commission, and up to $3,000 in BUSD. For additional information, please check out our blog.

How do I join the Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp?

This Bootcamp is currently available to all existing Binance users outside of restricted regions. Please note that this Bootcamp is only available in English. If you’re interested in becoming the next crypto influencer, simply sign up from the Bootcamp landing page within the sign-up period. Sign-ups outside of this period will not be eligible to participate in the current Bootcamp and will be put on the waiting list for our next Bootcamp. You can check the registration status or sign-up to the waiting list here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I access the Bootcamp class videos?
After the sign-up period, users who successfully signed up will receive class one via the email address linked to their Binance account. After that, you'll receive the rest of the class videos and project instructions every two days.
2. What will I learn from this Bootcamp?
This e-course contains seven classes. Please see each class topic below.
  • Class one: What does it mean to become a Crypto Influencer
  • Class two: Introduction to Binance products and how to promote products to users
  • Class three: How to create quality & effective content
  • Class four: User Generated Content for Binance Products
  • Class five: How to effectively attract new invitees
  • Class six: How to convert registered users to active users
  • Class seven: Tips & Tricks from a Top Affiliate
3. What are class projects?
Each class has its own project where you will have to complete tasks related to the class. Class projects are designed to help you get the most out of your learning experience and increase your understanding of the entire Binance ecosystem. Users who complete all class projects are eligible to receive $3,000 in BUSD.
4. Is there a deadline for completing the class projects?
Yes, participants must complete all class projects within two months after receiving the email for class one. For example, class one began on Mar 28, 2022, the deadline to submit your projects will be May 28, 2022.
5. Do I have to complete all class projects?
No, it is not mandatory to complete all class project. However, the more projects you complete, the larger your reward amount. We encourage you try to complete all five projects.
6. Are there any rewards for completing class projects?
Yes, participants who complete one class project will be eligible to join the Binance Affiliate Program and receive all the benefits of being an affiliate. You can also get up to $3,000 in BUSD for completing all projects.
As a Binance affiliate, you’re entitled to more commission, including up to 50% for Spot, 30% for Futures, 30% for Binance Pool, and up to $72,000 in monthly Futures referral bonuses. You’ll also get a sign-up bonus package for your community and an incentive-filled content program.
7. What is the exclusivity pathway?
In order to access all seven class videos, users must agree to promote Binance for a three-month period. If you do not want to go through the exclusivity pathway, you will only have access to class one, two, and four with fewer reward options. Moreover, the maximum reward will only be 500 BUSD.
8. How do I submit a project?
You will get an email with the submission form after the last class video is sent out or you can submit here. In this form, you will be able to select which classes you would like to submit projects for. Please note that if you are submitting projects for class two, three, and four, you must submit the published content links for all content related to those classes.
9. Since some projects require content submissions, can I submit the same content for multiple projects?
No, each class project requires original content. The same content cannot be submitted for multiple projects.
10. The class three project says I need to submit content for the content program. What is the content program?
The content program is designed to help creators monetize their content and earn crypto rewards. There are different topics to create content for each month. You can check out the latest content topics for the month here. We will send content topics to you via email for class three. You will also be eligible to receive rewards specifically for this program.
11. Do I have to complete the class projects in order?
No, once you have watched all the class videos, you can complete the class projects as you see fit.
12. How can I see my total registrations for class five?
Go to your referral page and click [Friends] under [Your Referral Links List].
13. How do I know if I passed a class project?
After the project submission deadline, the projects you uploaded will be evaluated. You’ll receive the results and the total reward amount via email.
14. How do I achieve a minimum BTC trading volume?
We will calculate the trading volume in BTC from users you invited to Binance. This includes the trading volume in all Binance trading markets.
* If the system detected a user deleted his account in order to create a new account to benefit from the referral program, Binance reserves the right to terminate all referral commissions from the account.