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Institutional Level Loan Service
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Higher Capital Utilization
Large Borrow Limit
Flexibility of Collaterals & Loan Usage
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VIP Loan Advantages
Institutional level capital efficiency
Up to 20 million USD borrowing limit or no hard cap with good credit history.
Enhanced Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV), where Initial/ Margin Call/ Liquidation LTV are improved to 72% / 77% / 91%, respectively.
Aggregate assets across multiple accounts as collateral to improve capital efficiency.
Increased flexibility with bespoke loan agreement
Supports 600+ loanable and collateral assets.
Flexible loan terms without penalty for early repayment.
Delayed liquidation available when liquidation LTV triggered.
Full-funding ownership and allocation rights
Serves any purpose, including trading on spot, margin, or futures markets, staking, or even withdrawal.
Collateral can be freely traded on spot if LTV is met.
Reduced total costs
Competitive interest rate
No transaction fees.
VIP Loanable Assets
The rates quoted are subject to change, get in touch with your VIP manager to find out more.
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The Flexible Rate displayed here is based on real-time interest rates. The actual interest payable for your loan is accrued daily and is calculated based on the average real-time interest rates from the day before.

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