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What Is the Brasileirão Assaí Fanverse

What Is the Brasileirão Assaí Fanverse

2023-04-14 12:00
Brasileirão Assaí Fanverse is a platform that brings football fans worldwide together for unique and engaging experiences.
Token holders can participate in match predictions, voting polls, and other gamified experiences. Fans can also collect points to redeem exclusive merchandise, collectibles, tickets, hospitality experiences, and more.
Starting from 2023-04-14, you can claim a free Brasileirão Assaí NFT. As the Season Pass to the Brasileirão Assaí Fanverse, you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Exclusive access to the Brasileirão Assaí Fanverse
  • Discounts on the CBF Academy courses
  • Exclusive Fan Experiences

How to claim a Brasileirão Assaí NFT?

You can claim a Brasileirão Assaí NFT from the Binance website or app.
If you’re a new Binance user:
1. Register for a Binance account here or through your inviter’s campaign referral link.
2. Complete identity verification and tap [Claim] to receive a Brasileirão Assaí NFT.
If you’re an existing Binance user:
1. Visit the Brasileirão Assaí Fanverse page and log into your Binance account.
2. Tap [Invite a Friend] to invite your friends to claim a Brasileirão Assaí NFT. You will receive your NFT once your friend completes their identity verification. Please note that your invitee must register for a Binance account via your campaign referral link.

How to link your Brasileirão Assaí NFT to view points and claim rewards?

All Brasileirão Assaí NFT holders can complete tasks on Brasileirão Assaí Fanverse and the Brasileirão Assaí website to earn points.
Brasileirão Assaí NFT holders can use their points to claim rewards such as discounts on CBF Academy Courses, Match Tickets discounts, exclusive signed jerseys, and other merchandise when they link their Brasileirão Assaí NFT to the Brasileirão Assaí Website.
1. Register for a Brasileirão Assaí account. You should receive a serial code.
2. Log in to your Brasileirão Assaí Fanverse account and enter the 8-digit serial code.
Tap [Enter].
3. You have now successfully linked your NFT to Brasileirão Assai! Start completing tasks now to earn points that can be used to redeem exclusive Fan Experiences!