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What Are Binance Fan Token Community Rewards

What Are Binance Fan Token Community Rewards

2023-02-20 11:48
Sports is all about community, and Community Rewards is our way of giving back to Binance Fan Token users.
As the community grows in size and hits key milestones, we’ll release portions of a token reward pool to all users who’ve invited at least one friend to Binance Fan Token. The more friends you invite, the higher the reward level you have and you’ll receive a larger share of the reward pool. The first reward pool will be worth 20,000 USD in Fan Tokens.

Reward Distribution

1. Personal Reward - My Share
Number of Successful Referrals Token Voucher Reward for Each Qualified Referrer
≥ 1$1
≥ 3$4
≥ 5$14
2. Global Reward - Community Reward
You can share the reward pool based on your Invite Multiplier and Level Multiplier. The reward formula will be:
Individual points = 1 * Invite Multiplier * Level Multiplier
Individual reward = Individual points / Sum of all Individual Multipliers of all eligible users * Community Rewards


Type Requirement Multiplier
Invite MultiplierInvite 1 - 2 friends1x
Invite 3 - 4 friends3x
Invite more than 5 friends5x
Level MultiplierLevel 11x
Level 22x
Level 33x
Level 46x
For Example:
If user A’s Invitation Multiplier is 1x and Level Multiplier is 1x, their Individual Multiplier would be 1 * 1 = 1
If user B’s Invitation Multiplier is 1.5x and Level Multiplier is 2.5, their Individual Multiplier would be 1.5 * 2.5 = 3.75
Sum of all Individual Multipliers of all eligible users = 1 + 3.75 = 4.75
Total Community Reward = 100 USD
Unit Value = (100 / 4.75) = 21
Number of users eligible to share the Community Reward = 2
Individual Multiplier:
User A = 1
User B = 3.75
User A will get = 21 * 1= 21 USD
User B will get = 21 * 3.75 = 78 USD

How to participate?

1. Click [Learn More] under the Invitation Event page.
2. Click [Invite] to generate and share the campaign referral link with your friends.
3. Claim your rewards by clicking the [Claim] buttons.
  • Only users with at least one successful referral are qualified for the reward.
  • “Successful referral” means that your friends must register under your campaign referral link and complete Identity Verification for their Binance account.
  • You don’t have to be a member of the Binance Fan Club to join the Community Rewards activity.
  • The referral links and QR codes you generate can be shared directly or via social media.

Important note

  • Users from the following countries or regions won’t be able to participate in the Binance Fan Club: Belarus, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Vietnam, United States of America and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands), Zimbabwe.
  • Please note that you won’t be able to claim any reward if you don’t complete Identity Verification for your account.