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Introducing the Binance Fan Token Platform

Introducing the Binance Fan Token Platform

2021-10-13 11:07
Video: Binance Fan Token Intro Tutorial

About the Binance Fan Token Platform

Welcome to the Binance Fan Token Platform, the premier hub for fans to champion their favorite teams! Binance is constantly partnering up with top-tier sports teams, and some of the most exciting brands across gaming, esports and entertainment, to bring the fan experience into the crypto world and take the fan experience to new heights.
Our platform is constantly launching new Binance Fan Tokens and strategic partnerships to allow fans and supporters to influence and engage with their favorite teams. By using tokens, fans can also participate in a range of exciting activities that involve gamification, unique rewards, signed merchandise, as well as special brand experiences.
Binance Fan Tokens are a type of digital currency issued on the BNB Chain. These utility tokens power the fan experience and connect teams with fans worldwide. Tokens are fungible, meaning each specific token is equal to another of the same token in every way, and they give token holders special benefits and privileges with corresponding teams and brands.
To learn more about Binance Fan Tokens, please refer to the Binance Academy article What Are Binance Fan Tokens?.

What token utility features do Binance Fan Tokens have?

Binance Fan Tokens allow users to engage with their favorite teams in more meaningful and interactive ways and participate in special community activities. All Binance users can buy Binance Fan Tokens, but the most exciting part begins with holding your Binance Fan Tokens and understanding how you can supercharge your fan experience with them.
These are some of the benefits and utility features you can enjoy with your tokens:

Voting polls

The Binance Fan Tokens you already own grant special voting rights that let you vote on club decisions reserved for Binance Fan Token holders. Join Fan Voting polls and choose your favorite jersey designs, the team’s warm-up music, merchandise, rebrand the entry to the stadium—the possibilities are endless. Join Binance Player of the Month Voting (POTM) polls to vote for your favorite players and award them in Binance Fan Tokens.

NFTs and Mystery Boxes

You can use Binance Fan Tokens to buy limited edition NFTs and Mystery Boxes containing rare and legendary collectibles from your favorite teams and brands. Build your NFT collection or put them up for sale on the Binance NFT Marketplace. You can charge your supported NFTs in NFT PowerStation events to power up your fandom and claim extra Binance Fan Tokens rewards.

Fan Shop

The Fan Shop is an exclusive online shop on the Binance Fan Token Platform, bringing real life benefits and rewards to the community and token holders. Fans can explore and buy special merchandise and items at a discount from teams with their respective tokens. Fan Shop items include match tickets, sports equipment, collectibles, VIP experiences, and a growing list of products listed by the featured teams, like S.S. Lazio. You can also send or receive Gift Cards to top up your token balance.

Match Prediction

Match Prediction is a token utility feature that allows Binance Fan Token holders to predict the outcome of matches played by the featured teams. Fans can collect points by participating in Match Prediction activities, making accurate predictions, and inviting and challenging other fans in each game.
There are more utility features coming to the Binance Fan Token Platform, so make sure to visit it for the full list of features. Read on to find out how to get your first Binance Fan Token!

How to buy Binance Fan Tokens?

1. If you’re new to Binance, sign up for a Binance account and complete Identity Verification (KYC). Our Beginner’s Guide will help you get started.
2. Visit the Binance Fan Token Platform to discover a list of featured and soon-to-be-listed Binance Fan Tokens.
3. You can purchase Binance Fan Tokens in different ways on the Binance website and on the Binance App.
  • Be early and join a Binance Fan Token Launchpad, the exclusive token launch platform of Binance, to participate in that team’s token offering. Buy BNB and commit an amount of BNB towards a Binance Fan Token sale to participate in the Launchpad. Similarly, the Launchpool allows BNB and BUSD holders to subscribe their assets to corresponding pools and collect a fair allocation of a new Binance Fan Token over a set period, usually 30 days.
  • Once the Launchpad is over and the team becomes a featured team on the Binance Fan Token Platform, you’ll be able to buy Binance Fan Tokens using a linked bank account, debit/credit card, via P2P trading, or on the spot market.
  • You can also purchase your tokens using a debit/credit card via the Binance App or the Lite version of the App, or via spot trading or P2P trading on the App.
4. Once your purchase is complete, Binance Fan Tokens will be automatically transferred to your Spot Wallet.
5. Check the Fan Token Platform regularly to discover new tokens and listing dates for upcoming Binance Fan Tokens and participate in activities held by your favorite teams.

How to access and customize your Fan Profile?

Fan Profile is your customizable fan space within the Binance Fan Token Platform, where you can share your fan credentials and fandom with the community, showcase your fan collections, and share your proof of involvement with your favorite teams. You can also share the custom URL of this page with your community to show them your achievements.
1. Access your Fan Profile on top of the main Binance Fan Token landing page.
2. You can customize your Fan Profile in multiple ways. Set a username and avatar, select a fan cover picture, add tags to your profile to express your fandom, and showcase your NFT collections or full NFT sets.
3. Click [Settings] to make changes to your Fan Profile. Choose a new fan cover, which you can collect with each new NFT Collection you own. You can also customize your nickname, avatar, and the visibility of your Fan Collections.

Get started with Binance Fan Tokens today

Binance Fan Token is the ultimate one-stop shop for fans of all stripes. We’ll be bringing new exciting features, games, competitions and more in the future for our growing fan community! For more Binance Fan Token news and updates, be sure to follow us on Twitter.