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How to Use the Lite Version on the Binance App to Buy and Sell Crypto

How to Use the Lite Version on the Binance App to Buy and Sell Crypto

2020-11-26 12:47

What is the Lite version on the Binance App?

The Lite version is a simplified version of the Binance App. Its intuitive interface is designed with a reduced amount of information on the homepage, and users will only see the most basic features when they launch the App. With the Lite version, users new to crypto trading can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies and view their assets with just a few taps.

How can I switch to the Lite version?

To use the Lite version, you need to:
1. Update your Binance App to the latest version.
To check which version you're currently using, tap the [Profile] icon and select [Settings] - [About Us]. You can update the App to the latest version directly from [About Us] by tapping [Check for updates].
2. Tap the [Profile] icon on the top left corner and slide the toggle to switch between [Binance Lite] and [Binance Pro].

How to buy crypto in the Lite version?

You can buy cryptocurrencies using your fiat cash balance, credit/debit cards, or P2P trading in just a few steps on Binance Lite. Please note that you need to complete Identity Verification before buying crypto with a bank card. For more details, please refer to How to Buy Crypto with Card on Binance Lite App.
Currently, the Lite version supports purchasing crypto via P2P with certain fiat currencies. Please refer to the App for the most updated list of crypto we support. Once you enter the transaction amount in the P2P trading interface, the system will automatically match a fiat or P2P order for you. You will see the quote and can choose which channel to use for the transaction.

How to sell crypto in the Lite version?

You can sell cryptocurrencies to your cash balance, credit/debit card, or P2P trading on Binance Lite. We offer different fiat channels for users in different countries. Please refer to the App to see the available fiat channels for your country. Currently, the Lite version supports selling crypto via P2P with certain fiat currencies. Please refer to the App for the most updated list of crypto we support.
For more information, please refer to How to Sell Cryptocurrency via P2P Trading on Binance Lite.

Why do prices differ between different payment methods?

Quote prices are provided separately by the Fiat and P2P channels, and the pricing rules cause the quotes to differ between payment channels.

Why can’t I see the Fiat or P2P price quote?

The quotes you can see are determined by the fiat currency and crypto you selected in the App’s settings. For example, you will only see a fiat trading quote when placing a EUR order. When you place a VND order, you can see quotes from both channels.

What are the differences between Binance Lite and Binance Pro?

Binance Lite

As mentioned, the Binance Lite mode is the default for all first-time users. It’s more user-friendly to those new to crypto trading, allowing them to quickly check prices and make purchases from the homepage dashboard.
Despite having the more complex product functions removed from the Lite mode, the core features that are most frequently used are easily accessible from the navigation bar at the bottom. You can tap on the middle yellow icon to buy, sell, or convert crypto, or tap on the wallet icon to check your wallet balance, asset allocation, and portfolio value.

Binance Pro

Binance Pro offers versatile trading functionalities such as Futures Trading, Options Trading, and Margin Trading, to fulfill professional traders’ needs. The trading interface on the Pro version is more sophisticated and offers advanced charting tools and order types. In addition to the more complex interface, users can trade on Binance P2P with other users.