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How to Sell Cryptocurrency Via P2P Cash Trade Zone on Binance App

How to Sell Cryptocurrency Via P2P Cash Trade Zone on Binance App

2023-02-24 11:01
Before selling crypto on the P2P Cash Trade Zone, you'll need to transfer the crypto you want to sell to your Funding Wallet first. For more details, please refer to the step-by-step tutorial on How to Transfer Assets from Spot Wallet to Funding Wallet.
1. Log in to your Binance account and go to [P2P Trading] - [P2P] - [Cash].
2. You can now see the available cash ads in your region in a map or list view. You can also find the nearest store by enabling location services on your phone.
3. Select your preferred cash ad and tap [Sell]. You’ll see the buyer’s payment time limit and terms (if any) at the bottom.
Enter the amount of crypto you want to sell under [By Crypto], or tap [By Fiat] to enter the amount of fiat you want to receive. Tap [Sell] to confirm the order.
4. Your sell order will be generated. Go to the store within the set time limit and bring along your ID document (ID card, passport or driver’s license).
Important Note: Make sure you arrive at the store within the payment time limit. The name on the ID document you bring with you also has to match your name on your verified Binance account.
4. Present your ID document and the QR code to the buyer. Once you confirm that you’ve received the correct payment amount in cash, tap [Payment received] and [Confirm] to release the crypto to the buyer’s account.
Important Note: Always confirm that you’ve received the correct cash payment amount from the buyer before tapping [Payment received] and [Confirm release]. DO NOT release crypto to the buyer if you haven’t received the payment.
5. You will be prompted to confirm the crypto release with your two-factor authentication (2FA) devices.
6. Your order is complete and you’ve successfully sold your digital assets.
  • Please only tap [Payment received] after you’ve received the correct payment in the store. Once a cash order is marked complete, there will be no way to appeal.
  • If your verified Binance account name does not match the name on your ID document, this violates the Binance P2P transaction rules, and your P2P functions will be suspended.
  • If the buyer’s store does not exist or you’re asked to trade at an unverified address, you can appeal the order, or contact Binance Support for assistance.