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How to Resume the Withdrawal Function for My Binance Account

How to Resume the Withdrawal Function for My Binance Account

2020-01-08 08:12

Why is my withdrawal function suspended?

To protect your account's security, after performing certain security operations, such as changing your password, your account's withdrawal function will be temporarily suspended for 24 to 48 hours. The withdrawal function will be resumed automatically after the suspension period.
The withdrawal function will also be temporarily disabled if the system detects abnormal activities in your account. Some error messages you may see include:
1. Your withdrawal may be at risk. You can try again in 24 hours.
Your withdrawal is currently under review. Please wait patiently for any emails with regards to the latest status of your withdrawal.
If you did not receive any emails from Binance, you may refer to this article for more details.
2. Your withdrawal may be at risk. You can try again in 48 hours.
Please be patient and wait for 48 hours. This is a security measure to protect your assets. The suspension cannot be lifted.

How to verify my account when my withdrawal function is temporarily disabled?

You can click [Verify Now] to verify your identity on the Binance website.
Or tap [Verify Now] on the Binance App.
For more details, you may visit How to Complete Identity Verification.
After completing the account verification, please wait patiently. Once the verification has been approved, the account withdrawal function will be resumed.
If you encounter any issues with identity verification, you can refer to these FAQs.
If you’re unable to pass the verification, go to [Wallet] - [Withdraw Crypto] and click [Withdraw appeal] on the alert, then submit the required documents.
Alternatively, go to [Wallets] on the Binance App and tap [Spot] - [Withdraw].
You will see a pop-up window. Tap [Appeal] and follow the instructions.
If you cannot see the [Appeal] button, please contact Binance Support for assistance.
Facial verification may fail due to technical difficulties or device issues. To mitigate this, Binance introduces an appeal system for users to submit materials and verify their accounts manually by our dedicated auditors.
If you encountered difficulties when completing the facial verification, you can submit an appeal by following the steps below.
1. Click [Appeal] and you’ll be redirected to the [Facial Verification Appeal] page.
You may need to answer security questions before submitting an appeal. Please answer the questions carefully or your appeal will be rejected.
2. You’ll need to provide certain materials for the appeal. Follow the instructions and examples provided on the page to complete the verification.
If you encounter any difficulties in providing the materials, or if you have any additional information that can help us process your appeal, please include it under the [Additional Information] section.
3. Your appeal will be reviewed shortly. Please wait patiently. We will notify you of the result via SMS or email.